North Korea has accused Malaysia of illegally opening its citizen

In the KCNA statement, which refers to “bi-Bi-si”, indicated that having a diplomatic passport of the citizen of North Korea died of a heart attack in Malaysia. The Embassy of North Korea identified the identity of the deceased and demanded to transfer his body to a diplomatic mission. However, the “Malaysian authorities, based on false reports from South Korea about the alleged poisoning of the citizen, conducted an autopsy without consulting the Embassy.”

KCNA indicates that the Embassy staff clearly pointed out to the Malaysian authorities that the citizen of North Korea died of a heart attack, and no autopsy was required.

In the statement, Pyongyang is the name of the deceased is not named, but “Bi-bi-si” implies that we are talking about Kim Jong-Nam, the brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN.

Informed the North Korean Ambassador to Malaysia, stated that the deceased at the airport was Kim Chol. This is the name that was written in found on him a passport.

Previously, the Guardian has claimed that the autopsy of the deceased revealed no signs of violent death, including poisoning. However, Malaysian police have announced the search for the suspects. Among them, a high – ranking employee of Embassy of North Korea in Kuala Lumpur and the airline Air Koryo.