Russia proposed the West to pay for the restoration of Syria

As the Financial Times reports, last week the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Mikhail Bogdanov at the meeting with ambassadors of EU countries in Moscow declared that soon the theme will be post-war reconstruction of Syria, which will require tens of billions of dollars. The Russian representative said that Russia will Finance the reconstruction of the destroyed country will not.

“The Russians are not going to succeed completely destroyed Syria,” said one of the diplomats.

However, as the FT notes, the idea of Moscow has met support in the West. They point out that part of the destruction was caused by including of Russian air force strikes on major cities, including Aleppo. In addition, the UK, France and the Netherlands remained convinced that the war is over, if the President of Syria will be Bashar al-Assad.

It is expected that the issue of financing the reconstruction of Syria will be discussed at the peace talks in Geneva and Astana, in which Russia intended to submit a draft of the new Constitution.

FT says, citing Russian experts on the Middle East, which is currently the main obstacle to political negotiations on Syria is Iran’s position. “The tough stance of the administration of Donald trump against Tehran can help to force Iran to come to consensus. But this requires a clear signal from Washington,” said the newspaper, a former Russian diplomat.