The Iraqi army took control of airport seized by ISIS in Mosul

The Iraqi army took control of the airport in Mosul, which was captured by terrorists “Islamic state” (declared a terrorist organization and prohibited in Russia). Reported by the Associated Press.

The Agency emphasizes that troops fought fierce battles with fighters on the runway of the airport. Two police officers said that the building is exposed to fire, which are members of law enforcement agencies. Police told Reuters that law enforcement and quick reaction force took control of a large part of the airport.

The spokesman refused to give further comments, noting that the offensive by government troops to Iraq is supported by the US-led coalition against ISIS.

Colonel us air force John Dorrian said yesterday that the capture of the Western part of Mosul will lead to fierce fighting. The operation to liberate the Western parts of the city began on 19 February. The rapid response units of the interior Ministry of Iraq has managed to take control of several villages South of the city and reach the outskirts of the military base Ghazlani 5 km from the city centre.

In addition, Iraqi forces cut off the last supply routes and movement of militants between the city and district of tel afar West of Mosul. The army operates with the support of the international coalition, the warlords help the us military advisors.

Mosul is one of the largest cities of Iraq. The terrorists captured the city in July 2014, when the government army almost without a fight left.

Military operation to liberate the city began in the fall of 2016. Army managed to occupy the Eastern districts of Mosul. The West part of the city is important for the reconstruction of infrastructure and because there are historical center.