The state office of public Prosecutor asked to cancel the verdict to the teacher Chudnovets

The Deputy General Prosecutor of Russia Leonid Korzhinek made to the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation cassation representation on the verdict in the criminal case against convicted repost educators of the Kurgan region Eugenia Chudnovets. This is stated in the message on the website of the Prosecutor General.

“In the presentation raised the question about cancellation of a sentence and terminate criminal proceedings for lack of corpus delicti. This solution can make the Kurgan regional court, if the Supreme Court agrees with the proposal of the Deputy public Prosecutor of Russia Leonid Korzhinek and Institute the appeal proceedings”, — stated in the message of press-service.

In November 2016 Chudnovets was found guilty of distribution of child pornography due to repost in a social network “Vkontakte” the video with the abuse of a child in the camp. According to the Chudnovets, she did repost, because I wanted to draw attention to the case of bullying. The court has appointed the kindergarten teacher punishment at six months in a General regime colony. In December the court reduced the one month sentence.

13 February 2017 the lawyer condemned Alexey Bashmakov said that Chudnovets will not ask pardon, because they do not intend to plead guilty to distributing child pornography. The lawyer noted that the appeal against the sentence imposed by the teacher, pending before the court. In addition, the defender said about the intention to submit a complaint to the European court of human rights.