China for the first time in history became the most important trading partner of Germany

China by the end of 2016 for the first time became the most important trading partner of Germany, shifting from first place in the United States, which dropped to third place after France, which retained the second position. About it reports Reuters, citing data from the Federal statistical office of Germany.

The volume of foreign trade [import and export] between Germany and China last year rose to €170 billion ($180 billion). France remained in second place with a foreign trade volume of €167 billion in the United States completing the top three with a trading volume of €165 billion .

In 2015, the United States was the main trading partner Germany. Then they for the first time since 1961, it overtook France.

According to Reuters, the increase in foreign trade with China is likely to be supported by the German government, which has set as its goal the protection of the global free trade after the threats of President of the United States Donald trump to impose tariffs on imports.

Vice-Chancellor of Germany Sigmar Gabriel even suggested that the EU needs to reorient its economic policy towards Asia amid protectionist plans trump.

“Given protectionist plans of the new U.S. President could be expected that trade relations between Germany and China will be further strengthened”, – quotes Reuters the Federal southw wholesale and foreign trade Germany (BGA).