The head of the Turkish General staff said the army its goals in Syria

Addressing the servicemen in the border of Syria, provinces of Turkey, the head of the General staff Hulusi Akar underlined that the tasks of the army during the province “shield of the Euphrates” after the capture of El-Baba, reports Reuters. “In the future we will provide support to the normalization of life in the North, local residents were able to return to their homes.” he added.

Akar also said that the operation was carried out very cautiously because of the peculiarities of the Syrian conflict, where a large influence on the situation exerted suicide attacks and sniper attacks.

On the eve of the support of the Turkish army forces of the Syrian opposition announced that occupied the center El-Baba and began to sweep the city, considered a stronghold of the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization) in the Northern province of Aleppo. February 24, the leadership of the Turkish army reported that the city is fully under control of the antiterrorist coalition.

The operation “Shield of the Euphrates” began at the end of last year, when Turkey without the consent of the official government of Syria sent troops to the Northern province of Aleppo. The offensive launched by the Turkish army managed to capture several settlements.