In the United States announced plans to place F-35 in the middle East to fight ISIS

Air force of the United States “in the near future” are going to place in the middle East the F-35A for fighting with a banned terrorist organization “Islamic state”. This is according to Defense News, citing the head of air combat command, Herbert Carlyle.

He said that the offering is planned in a few years. When this small supply F-35 to Europe and the Asia-Pacific region can be carried out this spring, said the military.

According to Carlisle, the F-35 would greatly help the U.S. air force in Syria and Iraq under the strikes on terrorists. In particular, the F-35 could be useful for reducing the risk of collision with Russian aircraft in the region.

“If you look at the part of Syria, inside this zone there is a fairly dense anti-aircraft threat. We will try to resolve contentious issues,” said Carlisle, noting that the Russian and Syrian military has placed in the region of anti-aircraft systems.

In early February it became known that the White house signed a contract for the purchase of 90 F-35 fighter to Lockheed Martin for $8.2 billion. the Cost of one fighter compared to the original contract fell by 7.3% to $94,6 million, which allowed US to save $728 million As noted in Lockheed Martin, the personal involvement of the President of the United States Donald trump’s “accelerated the negotiations and focused on reducing prices”.

In early December of last year, trump wrote on Twitter that the price on the F-35 “out of control”, and after his inauguration as President “billions of dollars can be saved” for military and other purchases. After the criticism of trump itself the shares of Lockheed Martin Corporation fell by 4.2%, the stock is a key partner of the company — Northrop Grumman Corp — fell by 4.5%, securities of another partner — BAE Systems — lost 2.4 percent.

Soon, the General Director of the aircraft company Lockheed Martin Corporation Marilyn Hewson said that he personally promised to Trump the lower cost F-35 fighter.