Poroshenko has approved the doctrine of information security of Ukraine

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has approved the doctrine of information security. The corresponding decree published on the website of the Internet representation of the Ukrainian leader.

As the purpose of the doctrine marked the refinement of the principles of formation and implementation of state information policy, particularly to counter the “destructive informational influence of the Russian Federation in the conditions unleashed a hybrid war”.

In accordance with the provisions of the doctrine, responsibilities, monitoring publications in mass-media and the Internet to identify information the dissemination of which is prohibited in Ukraine rests with the Ministry of information policy. Also, the Ministry should form the priorities of the state information policy and to monitor their implementation. In addition, the Agency is obliged to develop a strategy of “information support of the process of liberation and reintegration of the temporarily occupied territories”.

Putin approved the doctrine of information security of Russia

The number of tasks also assigned to the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Ministry of defense, security service of Ukraine, State service of special communication and information protection, intelligence bodies and the national Institute for strategic studies.

“Given the special conditions and conduct against our country’s aggressive information war not only on its territory but also in the world, enforcement of the doctrine is possible only under condition of proper coordination of activities implemented by all state authorities”, — the document says.