The DNR has accused Ukraine in the capture of the Donetsk filtering station

As reported by Interfax Agency, citing Eduard Basurin, a “radical nationalist divisions of Ukraine seized the objects of the Donetsk filtering station for the conduct of its territory firing on positions of the DNI.

Basurin claims that the premises of the station fire from mortars and heavy machine guns were including in residential areas Yasinovataya and village Spartak.

The Ukrainian side grip in the neutral zone of the filter station and the statement did not comment on Basurin.

The press center of the ATO headquarters in Kramatorsk, in his Facebook said that on the night of February 25, the militia fired at Avdeevka by using heavy weapons, causing a lot of destruction.

On the eve of Bacurin stated that provocations on the line of confrontation associated with the visit to the DNI Ukrainian MP Nadezhda Savchenko. The latest arrived in Donetsk to hold talks on the fate of soldiers captured by the militia.