The white house found it impossible to refute non-existent facts

Behind the charges against the President of Donald trump and his team in improper relations with Russia is not worth anything other than unsubstantiated leaks to the press from anonymous sources, stated at a briefing press Secretary of the President of the United States Sean Spicer.

According to him, trump have repeatedly given exhaustive explanations of how many times and what he had talked with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and also about absence at it any interests in Russia. The President cannot deny what is not, and to prohibit the investigation, which is not, or inhibit, said Spicer.

The report on the briefing, published on the official website of the White house.

“Okay, let’s do it again. The problem is that the links that need investigating, no. <…>. You can’t disprove what doesn’t exist. He [presiednt trump] has already explained how many times he had talked to Putin. He has no interests in Russia. He can not indefinitely deny something that does not exist,” said Spicer.

After the journalists reminded about the leaks, Spicer said that it is only about anonymous sources The New York Times. The select Committee on intelligence, Congress recognized the history of “provably false.” “It is not that no story really, no?” addressed the press Secretary.

He also explained that the White house could not prevent the investigation of this case by the Ministry of justice, because, in order to prevent, it is necessary that this investigation took place. “We know nothing about him,” said Spicer.