March in memory of Nemtsov was held under slogans about Ukraine and Syria

The participants gather in memory of the slain in February 2015 politician Boris Nemtsov was scheduled for 13:00 on Sunday. But the participants started to arrive at Pushkin square and Strastnoy Boulevard an hour earlier. For the passage to the start of the columns in the morning the police found 27 framework of metal detectors, four of them — for the passage of people with flags.

The passage to the place of beginning of the action took place almost without conflict, except for a few disputes with police the marchers who wanted to carry a Ukrainian flag.

The protesters carried Russian flags, flags of the movement “Solidarity” party PARNAS and the “Party of Growth” and signs with quotes Nemtsov. In the middle is located on Strastnoy Boulevard column activists led by lawyers Nicholas Polozova and Marc by vaginam who defended pardoned in the end Hope Savchenko, unfurled a banner “Stop the repression in the Crimea! Freedom for Ukrainian political prisoners!”. Some of the protesters came with placards against the Russian operation in Syria (with the slogan “Russia — the second Afghan”), but most of the posters were devoted to the traditional oppositional themes (slogans “Russia without Putin” and “Freedom to political prisoners”).

The head of the procession, opposition politicians Mikhail Kasyanov, Gennady Gudkov, Emilia Slabunov, Sergei Mitrokhin and Grigory Yavlinsky. Alexey Navalny stood up in the column, together with supporters of the “Party of Growth”.

The organizers were handing out to everyone Russian tricolor flags and badges with the inscription “the German bridge”. To answer the question about how much money was spent on campaign literature for the March, they failed. “We believe the organizing Committee believes,” said one of the organizers told .

One of the goals of the March, as told by a member of the organizing Committee Ilya Yashin — to achieve a more serious investigation into the murder of Nemtsov. In the case, I’m sure Yashin, should be questioned the Deputy commander of a battalion of internal troops of Russia “North” Ruslan Eremeev, the commander of the same battalion Alibek Delimkhanov and his brother, a state Duma Deputy and “right hand” Chechen leader Adam Delimkhanov. “Ramzan Kadyrov should also be questioned — said Yashin. You need to check his contacts in the Kremlin, in particular, should be questioned by the head of Regardie gold and Vladislav Surkov [previously held the post of first Deputy head of the presidential administration in charge of domestic policy, now Surkov oversees the administration of the President of the CIS], and perhaps more senior Russian policy.”

It was planned that the March will start at 14:00 but at 14:15 column still did not move. “We have the police took the banner “Putin is war,” explained one of the organizers. — Until you give up, do not go.” In response, the crowd started chanting “Putin is war” and “Russia without Putin”, but the chanting soon stopped: back unknown poured green paint Kasyanov, who stood at the head of the column. Police apprehended the man, and the procession started.

The crowd held a single column (in the past year of columns at the beginning of March there were two) on Passionate, Petrovsky, Christmas and Sretensky boulevards. Double-column stayed, chanting “Thief should not sit in the Kremlin, a thief should sit in prison” and “Putin in the Kremlin — Russia in the loop.”

The March ended in the area of 15.40 on Turgenev square. After that, the organizers and some of its members went on Moskvoretsky bridge, to the place of murder Nemtsov, to lay flowers to the improvised memorial. “Signs even inscribed there,” — said Yashin.

All through the framework passed by 15.2 thousand people, led the data counts the number of rallies of the opposition movement “White counter”. The data of the Moscow division was, as usual, other: the police reported that in March was attended by five thousand people.

A year earlier, the action in memory of Boris Nemtsov, according to the “White meter” has collected 24 thousand people, the Moi then reported about 7,5 thousand participants.