The media learned about the Japanese proposals for the joint activities on the Kuril Islands

The Japanese government is preparing to offer Russia a concrete plan for joint economic activities on southern Kuriles, reports Japanese newspaper Nikkei. According to the publication, representatives from both countries will discuss these proposals on 18 March in Tokyo.

Both sides will try to reach agreement on specific items before the meeting of leaders of both countries, Shinzo Abe and Vladimir Putin, which could take place in late April – early may or September, said the newspaper.

According to the publication, as expected, the Japanese government will offer to medical institutions and universities Hokkaido remotely provide medical services to doctors and patients of the Islands, perhaps over the Internet.

Japan can offer to private Japanese and Russian companies jointly offered cruises for Japanese tourists. It is also expected that Tokyo will propose to send to the Islands of the experts of the two countries, which together will work to preserve the environment in these areas.

With regard to fisheries, it is expected that the Japanese government will offer joint management processing plants for salmon and other fish. The country can also offer a joint breeding of abalone and other valuable species, the newspaper said.

The question of ownership of the Islands try to avoid, for example, offer to tourists visiting the island while cruising, just never landed them, the newspaper notes.

In mid-December last year, Putin visited Japan, where he held talks with his Japanese counterpart. Putin and Abe agreed on the joint activities of the Moscow and Tokyo to the Kuril Islands. As told then presidential aide Yuri Ushakov, the joint activities will concern cooperation in the field of fishery, medicine, tourism and ecology.