… Announced the improvement of the forecast of GDP growth of 3% in 2017

Economic development Ministry is preparing a new edition of the forecast of development of the economy for 2017 which implies an acceleration of growth of gross domestic product (GDP) to 2%, reports “RIA Novosti”.

“Our updated forecast will be ready in late March, the current expectations that we have is around 2% growth. That is, we expect very good growth rates in the economy, we see increased activity,” said Minister of economic development Maxim Oreshkin on the sidelines of a Russian investment forum in Sochi.

The current forecast for the MAYOR includes a baseline scenario, according to which the GDP in 2017, at an annual price of oil at around $40 per barrel will rise by 0.6%.

In January of 2017. said that while maintaining the current oil prices and the absence of new external shocks, the growth rate of the Russian economy in 2017 may reach the level of 2%. Later, during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, economic development Minister also said that his Department expect an increase in GDP of about 2%.

“In 2016, the increase has been concentrated only in some sectors, such as agriculture, chemical industry and other industries. In 2017, we expect that the growth will be more broad, will affect including the consumer sector, the expected recovery of monetary incomes of the population will develop a positive trend”, – said Oreshkin, calling the situation “quite positive.”

Monday, February 27, arrived at the investment forum in Sochi the head of the MAYOR reiterated the positive nature of the first data about the state of the economy in early 2017, which indicates the end of the crisis and reduce the level of uncertainty.

“All this indicates that the economy has already entered the path of growth and we will see a good performance for the year,” said Oreshkin, noting that the improvement will allow the economy “to breathe more calmly, more to invest and grow”.

Earlier, first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov said that the government is preparing measures to accelerate the growth of the country’s GDP in the future to move from 2 percent growth to a more “acceptable numbers”.

“We believe that 2% for Russia — the growth is quite low,” — said in January 2017 Shuvalov.

According to the forecast of IMF experts, in 2017, Russia’s GDP will grow by 1.1% and in 2018 — by 1.2%.