In Kiev responded to the threat of the DNI and LC to leave the Russian market

According to the Deputy Minister of the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons, the George Tooke, the threat of the heads of the breakaway republics of Donbass to reorient production company in the Russian market and other countries, is an attempt to “scare” Kiev. Tuck believes that to implement it will be difficult because their products are not in demand in Russia.

“This is an attempt to scare us. We are talking about strategic enterprises, which engage in vertically integrated companies and are taken as a separate link, in the chain production cycle. If this chain to break, to sell products that are producing these enterprises in order to maintain their livelihoods — this is not easy” — quoted by Tooke Ukrainian site InfoResist.

The Deputy Minister said that “the products of these enterprises not in demand in Russia.” “If we talk about the same mines, where their coal through the roof, don’t know what to do, close the mine. So let him talk anything. I don’t believe it,” concluded Tuck.

While Tuck stated that the government will be able to solve the issue with the blockade of Donbass.

On the morning of 27 February, the leaders of the unrecognized republics of the Donbass region, Alexander Zakharchenko and Igor Carpenter made a joint statement in which have demanded from the authorities of Ukraine to withdraw the transport blockade of the LC and the DNI. They threatened to seize control of workers in the Donbass by Ukrainian enterprises to enter into an interim administration and to reorient their production to the Russian market and the markets of other countries.

“We have to announce that if to 00:00 Wednesday (1 March 2017) the embargo is not lifted, we will introduce external management at all enterprises of the Ukrainian jurisdiction, working in DND and LNR. We will cease to supply coal to Ukraine. For the supply of coal there is neither the capacity nor the scheme of payment”, — said in a statement.