Medvedev named three measures to accelerate economic growth

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said the three main areas of the plan to enhance the growth of the Russian economy. “Tomorrow poses new challenges, primarily the growth of the economy”, — said the Prime Minister in his speech at the plenary session of the Russian investment forum in Sochi, reports .

The number of what Medvedev called the measures for economic growth — the creation of a sustainable environment, increasing productivity and creating infrastructure for the introduction of the digital economy. “This is not the solution, but is that in any case the plan should be,” said the Prime Minister.

As explained Medvedev, sustainable environment is a complex of measures aimed at ensuring the stability of macroeconomic dynamics and stability of the business, including the stability of tax systems and tax payments, tariffs of natural monopolies, principles of Supervisory activities and measures of state regulation and state support. “Clear rules — one of the key aspects of investment decisions”, — he said.

The next five years will be difficult for the labour market, and we are not talking about unemployment, and the shortage of skilled workers, warned Medvedev. “This is the result of a number of accumulated problems and the demographic collapse of the nineties,” he explained. The Prime Minister said the government’s plan will include the steps that will help citizens to be realized. In addition, we will work on attraction in Russia of highly qualified personnel from other countries.

The third area is the smart economy. “Russia has all the components to become one of the leading technological countries in the world. We have the intellectual capacity we have the resources,” he said. “E-technology should cover all areas — from trade and logistics to public services from industry and education to housing and utilities sector and healthcare, it is necessary to create a legal and physical infrastructure for the transition to a digital economy”, -said Dmitry Medvedev.

New government plan must contain additional measures on transformation of structure of economy, growth of not raw export, implementation of new investment projects, as well as the rapid development of small and medium enterprises, said the Prime Minister. Dmitry Medvedev also reminded that currently there is wide discussion of the plan and encouraged to actively engage in this process of representatives of business and expert communities.