The media found out about check phone number of White house staff due to leaks

Press Secretary of the President of the United States Sean Spicer ordered to conduct random checks of phones of White house staffers in connection with the leaks in the media. It is reported Politico, citing sources in the Washington administration.

According to interlocutors of the edition, last week, after the media leaked information from a closed meeting of the employees of the press service of the White house, Spicer summoned all who were present at the event to his office, where he held a conversation with them. At the entrance to the Spicer office staff had to take to check their phones to prove that they have nothing to hide, the newspaper writes. In the office Spicer was also attended by the lawyers.

During the meeting, which sources Politico called emergency, Spicer recalled that, under American law, the administration banned the use of mobile applications, that encrypt and automatically delete sent messages.

In addition, the press Secretary of the White house has threatened his subordinates “big problems” if the leak will occur again.