The NYT published a portion of leaks about the budget plans trump

The President of the United States Donald trump gave the order to the agencies and departments in preparing the budget for the next fiscal year to proceed from the fact that the expenses of the Ministry of defence will be significantly increased. This writes The New York Times, citing four people familiar with the process officials, who wished to remain anonymous.

Funds for the increase in the military budget would be found through savings in other expenditure. In particular, tens of billions of dollars will shrink the budget of the Ministry of environmental protection.

In addition, the government will reduce the support of a number of social projects, such as Social Security and Medicare.

The publication notes that the new budget plan will, most likely, the first initiative of trump, he will have to pass through Congress. Where he probably will undergo significant changes. Before that, the newspaper said trump cost the decrees, which did not require legislative approval.

The newspaper’s source also said that the new budget is based on forecast economic growth of 2.4% per year, which is below the level of 3-4% growth, which trump promised during the election campaign.

The increase in military spending was one of the main points in pre-election promises trump, he criticized the previous administration of Barack Obama for insufficient financing of the army.

The beginning of the presidential term of Donald trump was marked by a record number of leaks to the media, including confidential information. Newspapers and TV channels of left-liberal persuasion, such as CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times, almost daily during the first month after the inauguration of the trump came out with articles based on the words of anonymous sources in the White house.

It came down to the fact that trump has publicly acknowledged the failure of the intelligence agencies, particularly the Federal Bureau of investigation to establish those responsible for leaks relating to national security. According to the President, such individuals are “hidden in the government for a long time.” “They [security officials] can’t even find those responsible for the leaks in the FBI. Secret information is passed to media which can lead to devastating consequences for the United States,” wrote trump on his Twitter.

Trump has repeatedly accused the left-wing media in the publication of false news. Especially scandal has raised the left-wing media after the publication in the NYT of information from anonymous sources on the links of the team trump with the Russian special services. Press Secretary of the President Sean Spicer said that trump can not indefinitely deny accusations of improper relations with Russia, as neither of these relations, nor any evidence of their presence except the anonymous statements in the press.

The White house on Friday, February 24, refused to allow the briefing of the journalists of The New York Times, Politico and CNN, and CNN was the only one of the five largest TV channels, which was removed from direct communication with the administration. All of these books made indignant statements.