What would happen if robots replace people and guests of the Sochi forum said

What would happen if robots replace people and guests of the Sochi forum said

Chairman of Center for strategic development Alexey Kudrin

“Fast automated profit of the company grows. They get a higher profit. Of her and want to help those people who are released, to help them adapt, to retrain. That is, you need to go through General taxation and not to come up with the same taxation on the robot.”

Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets

“I recently was in one of the universities. We see the centers of innovation, is very good. There developed interesting projects. And showed me a device that helps to remove icicles from the roof. He does this efficiently and without the participation of the people. What was my surprise when I went outside, and there stood the brigade of migrants and removed the icicles from the same University. The problem is not the lack of personnel and not that we are not willing to train. The problem is the lack of motivation in businesses and Economics in long-term investments and long-term investment.”

Co-chair of the public organization “Business Russia” Alexey Repik

“You know, people never will replace the robots. A robot is a helper, the robot is able to direct its resources, its God’s gift, that the human soul, to reveal potential. But the fact that no robot, no artificial intelligence will never provide that creativity and abilities. I can not imagine a robot entrepreneur. I imagine a robot that helps the entrepreneur to realize their boldest ideas. But bold ideas — it is still the lot of man.”

The President of JSC “LUKOIL” Vagit Alekperov

“People eat and use electricity will always be, it means our goods will be in demand and will complement new sources that will appear”.

The head of the Federal service for labour and employment Vsevolod Vukolov

“I think that artificial intelligence is nothing wrong, but to say now that any profession will be replaced, probably sooner. So we want the most innovative technologies were used, but I think the main thing now is to achieve the quality of work of each specialist is a specialist in primary care and in the workplace”.