“Co-owner “Azbuka Vkusa” will reduce the share in ATB because of the requirements of the Bank of Russia

“Co-owner “Azbuka Vkusa” will reduce the share in ATB because of the requirements of the Bank of Russia

The controlling shareholder of Asian-Pacific Bank Andrey Vdovin seeking a buyer for its stake in the credit institution, told three sources in the banking market. The reason is the requirement from the Central Bank on the forced reduction of controlled Vdovin share to less than 10% in order his removal from the Bank management for the bad reputation.

Andrey Vdovin was the head of the Board of Directors 100-percentage “daughters” ATB — M2M private Bank deprived of the license in December 2016. Participation in the management of the Bank deprived of the license in accordance with the rules of the Central Bank, has a negative impact on business reputation. In addition, simultaneously with the revocation of the M2M private Bank, the Central Bank appealed to the Prosecutor General, pointing to signs of withdrawal of assets one of the main owners (without specifying by whom).

Bugfix possession

This is the second became a well-known example of the actions of the regulator on discharge from management of operating banks the shareholders involved in the collapse of deprived license banks. Earlier it was reported about the stricter approach of the Central Bank in this matter. Now the business reputation of the owners of the banks supervised by the Bank of Russia on a permanent basis and not only when buying banks, as before.

The first became known “victim” of this approach — Fund of East Capital. Him as a co-owner share in a deprived of the license the Probusinessbank, Bank have issued similar regulations applicable remaining Bank assets, including ATB, in which the Fund 17,91% of the shares. As pointed out then the sides , now turns East Capital Russian banking business.

According to the law “On the Central Bank” on the performance of the regulator’s prescriptions on the reduction of the share to a level not exceeding 10%, 90 days. According to a source close to ATB, term expires in April. Therefore, formal changes in the ownership structure of the Bank has not yet seen.

Thus, according to the interlocutor , a mandate to reduce the share received not only Vdovin, and two shareholders — the founder of gold miner Petropavlovsk Plc Peter Hambro and son of former Senator Paul Maslovskoye — Alexei Maslovskiy. Threesome with Vdovin them through company “PFIN REGION” and “Techsan enterprayzis limited” together control a total of 67,58% of the Bank. This package and looking for a buyer, sources indicate .

The representative of the press service of the Bank refutes this information, stating that the issue of changes in shares or change of shareholders is not considered. He Vdovin the call is not answered. The reception of the businessman argues that he “is not in Moscow.”

Photo: Tatiana Sevostyanova / Lori

The new Board

As a result of pressure from the Central Bank at the ATB changes the structure of ownership, but the Board of Directors. According to the Bank disclosed a significant fact, this question put on the agenda of the extraordinary shareholders ‘ meeting scheduled for 3 March. Among the new candidates early in electing the Board of Directors proposed a key shareholder “PFIN REGION”, — Andrei Vdovin no.

There are no two members of the current Board of Directors: Oleg Safonov (was part of the Board of Directors M2M private Bank) and Executive Vice President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs Alexander Murychev (was a member of the Board of Directors of the Bank “Interkommerts” at the time of the revocation of his license in February of last year). Contact Murycheva was not possible: its mobile phone 27 Feb was unavailable. Safonov, declined to comment.

Extra load

Unsatisfactory business reputation of the two major shareholders and related involuntary decline in their shares at or below 10% if the shares are not sold in a timely manner, may affect the minority shareholders of ATB. The fact is that according made earlier in February, the explanations of the Central Bank, after the forced reduction in the proportion of owners with a poor reputation will automatically increase the shares of other shareholders. The largest minority shareholders of ATB is “daughter” of the world Bank — international Finance Corporation (IFC), which belongs to the pack at 6.7%.

According to the calculations , the results of redistribution of shares, the share of IFC can grow to 11.1%, and it thus will become the largest shareholder of ATB. According to explanations of Bank of Russia, it will require coordination business reputation of the IFC c CB that will cause additional burden and time consuming. Russian and American offices of the IFC, as well as the press-service of the Bank of Russia.

The way out of the situation

To solve all these problems by selling control of the Bank to a new owner, but do it in such a short period of time — 90 days is very difficult, indicate the lawyers. “To buy the independent investor needs to conduct due diligence, which takes time. Even if ATB tried to find the “nominee buyers” to do so would be extremely difficult: the sale of shares is a multistage process that, depending on the amount offered for sale of the package requires notification of the Central Bank about the deal or agreeing with him. In any case, the Central Bank will check the sources of income of the potential buyer,” — explains the lawyer of the legal company “KLISHIN and partners” Andrey Shugaev.

However, as practice shows, to find a buyer, it is still possible. For example, East Capital after issuing the provisions of the Central Bank to reduce its share in Akibank was able to sell her company “Kamsky bacon”. However, she was among the co-owners of the Bank.