Russia and China blocked a UN security Council resolution on sanctions against Syria

Russia and China blocked the adoption of the resolution on sanctions against Syria in the UN Security Council, using the veto, Reuters reports.

The resolution provided for the introduction of sanctions against individuals and companies that allegedly involve the use of chemical weapons in the country in 2014 and 2015. The initiators of the project of sanctions has led France and Britain.

The package of measures proposed by France and great Britain, would impose visa and financial restrictions against persons involved in chemical attacks. In addition, the sanctions would be a ban on the supply to Syria of chlorine, helicopters and all types of weapons.

According to Reuters, Russia for the seventh time uses its veto, voting against sanctions against Syria, but China is blocking sanctions against Damascus for the sixth time.

When voting in the security Council in favor of sanctions has been submitted to the votes of the representatives of 9 countries. Against the sanctions, in addition to Russia and China, voted Bolivia abstained Ethiopia, Egypt and Kazakhstan.