SKR explained the reason for the search human rights activist Zoe Light

A search in the house of human rights activist Zoe Light was held within the framework of the criminal case against former managers and owners of Yukos of embezzlement of assets of the company, said the Main investigation Department of the TFR. The Agency argues that it had received information about the storage of the human rights activist documents, “testifying to the circumstances of the transfer as” Russia “and the further expenditure of money stolen M. Khodorkovsky and his accomplices.”

In SKR have underlined that the search is not connected with professional activity of the Light and directed “solely to verify the circumstances of legalization of money “embezzled by Khodorkovsky and others acting in concert with him”.

It is, says the TFR, about the criminal case of theft of the assets of Yukos, the state, other organizations and their subsequent legalization (article 174.1, 159, 160 of the criminal code — legalization (laundering) of money or other property acquired through the Commission of a crime; fraud, misappropriation and embezzlement).