The European Parliament voted to lift the immunity of Le Pen

European Parliament Committee on legal Affairs overwhelmingly approved removal of inviolability from the President of the French far-right National front, marine Le Pen, Reuters reports.

In a subsequent decision of the Committee must be approved by the European Parliament in a public vote.

The parliamentary immunity of Le Pen decided to take away due to the fact that a politician published on Twitter a photo of violent acts committed by militants of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (banned in Russia).

Le Pen in December of 2015, tweeted several photos of the victims of ISIS in protest against the comparison, “National front” with the militant group. On one of the images was executed by militants of American journalist James Foley.

The Prime Minister of France Manuel Valls called the actions of Le Pen’s disrespectful to the victims of the Islamists. Later tweets Le Pen has criticized the mother Foley. The Prosecutor’s office of the French city of Nanterre began an investigation into publications.

Parliamentary immunity policy provides protection from prosecution and arrest. The immunity of an MEP is equivalent to the immunity of the Deputy of national parliaments. Earlier the head of the National front, has repeatedly deprived of parliamentary immunity.

Marine Le Pen also suspected of financial fraud. So, in early December, the financial Directorate of the European Parliament, Deputy whom Le Pen is already 13 years old, sent her a notice demanding payment by January 31, 2017 debt in the amount of €298,5 thousand This amount is the salary of the assistant to Le Pen in the European Parliament Katrin Gries for 2010-2016. Subsequently, the European Parliament requested from Le Pen €41,5 thousand to offset the salary of her bodyguard Thierry Legge.

According to France 24, experts from the office for the fight against fraud in the European Commission found out that the Gris and Legia were paid from the European budget, although in Brussels did not appear, and under the terms of the contract was to work there. Le Pen’s allegations are categorically rejects.