The number of shell companies in Russia was reduced more than 2.5 times from 2011

The number of shell companies in Russia was reduced more than 2.5 times from 2011

Moscow. 27 Feb. The number of legal entities in Russia that have the signs of “one day”, 2011 decreased by at least 2.5 times, however, unreliable companies have learned to “mask” and try to look today as a “normal” show system data “SPARK-Interfax”.

We hope to “Spark” the Index of due diligence (IDO), assessing the likelihood that a particular company does not conduct real activity, is an ephemeral or “abandoned asset” shows that the number of entities that potentially are at risk, the last two years is at the level of about 700 thousand, while in 2011 this figure was 1.7-1.8 million, and in early 2015 – about 1 million.

The number of factors that uses the “SPARK” to detect potentially unreliable companies has increased during this time from 10 to more than 40, which allows better detection of such businesses. The reduction in the number of companies that can be used for tax evasion and cashing, became a consequence of the actions of FTS Russia, the tightening of the registration procedure for legal entities, as well as the risks associated with working with unreliable companies. The main reduction in the number of one-day shows a SPARK occurred in the period from 2011 to 2015.

The demand for services of firms-a something ephemeral remains, however, the cost of these services has increased, and the “strip” has changed, said the General Director of UK “munerman I PARTNERY” Ilya Munerman, the developer of methodology of revealing of unreliable companies.

“The first generation of short-lived firms had no websites, no answering phones, and these companies are evaluated quite easily. The second generation already had websites, phone numbers, and other signs of normal companies. And finally, the third generation of the ephemeral – is a company with history, which faced serious financial difficulties. Their owners sold them to unscrupulous contractors who, as owners, have adapted these companies for fraudulent transactions or to withdraw money,” – said Munarman.

Thanks to the increased transparency of the economy at the same time doubled the number of companies that “SPARK” can say for sure that they are real business activity and does not pose risks to its business partners: the number of such legal entities by the beginning of 2017 exceeded 1.6 million, while in 2011 there were less than 850 thousand Total number of commercial companies in Russia is 3.9 million

The index of due diligence takes into account 40 different factors, showing that the company is real activity, or, conversely, indicating the presence of her “mass” ‘, head, phones.