The Syrian army came close to the ruins of ancient Palmyra

The Syrian army along with a squad of fighters of the Lebanese Shiite group “Hezbollah” came almost close to the southwest gate controlled by the militants of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (banned in Russia), the Associated Press reports.

At the moment, as said the Agency representative of the coordinating Committee of the Palmyra, the battles are in 5 kilometers from the famous ruins. On Tuesday at Palmyra was also inflicted several air strikes.

On the eve news Agency SANA, citing a source in the military circles said that the government forces took the strategically important heights in the mountainous area of El Hayal South-East of Palmyra.

The Syrian army launched an offensive in the direction of Palmyra on February 13. Then scheduled Bashar al-Assad’s troops were 20 km from the city. Of Russian air force supported the army in the advance on Palmyra.

In March 2016 Palmyra was released from the IG, but in December, the Islamists managed to re-capture the city. While the city is under the control of militants, destroyed a significant number of monuments and cultural values. In particular, terrorists bombed the ancient tetrapylon and destroyed the facade of the Roman amphitheatre, where in may of 2016 hosted a concert by the Mariinsky orchestra under Valery Gergiev. In December 2016 the control of the city was changed again to the terrorists.