Trump again blamed “Obama’s people” of involvement in the leaks

The President of the United States Donald trump believes that the organization of protests against him and leaks of classified information to the media are the people from the team of his predecessor Barack Obama. He stated this in an interview with broadcaster Fox News.

“I think that [former] President Obama is behind this [the protests], because his men are definitely behind this. And some of the leaks probably also originate from this group,” said trump, noting that these leaks are very serious because it undermines the national security of the United States. However, he did not specify exactly what information got to the media, has in mind.

“But I also understand that this is politics. And it probably will continue,” said trump.

The Republican has previously accused “Obama’s people” in the organization “disgraceful leak” details of his telephone talks with the leaders of Mexico and Australia. He noted that people from the Obama team still working in the White house and the national security Council, but they are replaced.

Yesterday, the newspaper Politico, citing sources in the Washington administration announced that press Secretary trump Sean Spicer ordered a check of the phone number of White house staff in connection with the leaks in the media. According to the publication, after the press got the information from the closed meeting of the employees of the press service of the White house, Spicer summoned all who attended the meeting in his office and held a conversation with them. In this case the entrance to the office Spicer all employees had to pass the test on their phones to prove that they have nothing to hide, told the publication. They also said that Spicer has threatened his subordinates “big problems” if the leak will occur again.

On Tuesday, CNN reported that the idea of checks phones of White house staffers were endorsed by trump, who “is furious” due to the fact that classified information is regularly gets into the media. Spicer, however, said the TV channel that this information is unreliable.