Discerned complained of the violations in history with a thesis Medina

Member of the community “Discerned” Ivan Babitsky, who was one of the authors of the appeal on deprivation of the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky degree, found numerous violations in the decision of the academic Council of Moscow state University not to consider the scientific work of the Minister. He sent an appeal to the Higher attestation Commission (HAC) with a demand to recognize void the decision. About the Babitsky told the newspaper “Kommersant”.

“The procedure is very clearly painted. The Council should create a Commission, to appoint the date of the meeting for 15 days to invite applicants and the author of the thesis. And the meeting must be open to all comers. Nothing that was not done”, – he explained.

In April last year Babitsky filed in the Ministry of education the statement with the requirement to deprive Medina of a degree. In his opinion, the work of the Minister “has no scientific value”. Initially, scientific work of the Minister had to consider in the Ural Federal University. Yeltsin. The Urfu academic Council did not meet within the prescribed two-month period of the case (including because of the absence of the author of the thesis for consideration), and he’s back in the WAC.

According to the decision of the HAC in the case of the thesis Medina was transferred to Moscow state University. February 7, the Dean of the history faculty of the Ivan Tuchkov announced that the academic Council of Moscow state University refused to consider his thesis Medina on the merits because it was not detected plagiarism. Medinsky said that with respect to the decision of the academic Council of Moscow state University.

Professor of history faculty of Moscow state University Sergei Mironenko told “Kommersant” that the meeting indeed took place with numerous violations.

Press Secretary of the Minister of culture Irina Kaznacheeva, commenting on the claims Babitsky, stated that the actions of the activist of “Discerneth” remind her “of the action of the characters of the character — collegiate Registrar Kuldarov, which fell under the horse and was very glad this was printed in the newspaper”. “Any mention of the names Babitsky next to the name of the Minister of culture guarantees the first hit in the top of “Yandex”, which is clearly like an unemployed scholar”, she said.