Fillon refused to withdraw from the elections in France due to a court summons

The candidate in presidents of France from the party “the Republicans” Francois Fillon said that he refused to withdraw from the electoral race, despite the fact that he was given a summons to court, reports Reuters. “I don’t give up, I give in, I won’t come out [ of the race], I will fight to the end,” said Fillon.

Earlier in the morning of March 1, Francois Fillon at the last moment and without explanation canceled his visit to the agricultural fair in Paris, planned in the framework of the campaign. Instead, the candidate in presidents of France went to “discuss the situation” with their lawyers, reported the newspaper Le Figaro, citing its sources in the entourage of the presidential candidate. According to the newspaper, Mr Fillon and his wife Penelope received a pre-trial subpoena on March 15 and March 18.

Later, the Fillon confirmed this in his official statement, “My lawyer told me that I was summoned to court March 15 for arraignment,” said he during the press conference. “I will appear before court on March 15, according to the procedure of preliminary charges. It is unprecedented that a subpoena is sent to the candidate so shortly before the elections… I do not recognize that squandered public money,” he said (quoted by BFMTV).

By law, a person who is in the force of gravity collected evidence can not be considered as just a witness in the case, in France, present a “pre-charged”, explains Le Figaro. Then it is assigned an intermediate (between witness and defendant) a legal status which allows him to access the case materials and the assistance of a lawyer. “Pre-charged” summoned to court, where it lists gathered against him the facts. He can remain silent, to answer questions or make a statement.

Early in the result of the preliminary audit of the financial prosecutors in France have opened an official investigation on the case of fictitious employment of the wife of the candidate in presidents of France from the party “the Republicans” Francois Fillon and Penelope.

The scandal, which the press called “Penelopiad”, erupted after the former Prime Minister Fillon won the primaries and was adopted as the official party candidate for the presidency.

That Penelope Fillon was the helper of her husband in the years 1998-2002 when he was a Deputy of the French Parliament and did not perform any real work, 25 Jan wrote a popular French weekly Canard enchaine. In itself, the employment of relatives is not a crime, however, the publication noted that no results of the activities Madame Fillon could not be found.