Putin admitted blame the state for the failure of the anti-doping system in Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that it is necessary to admit that the Russian system of control over the non-use of doping has not worked, reports “RIA Novosti”. The corresponding statement the Russian President made during the meeting on preparation for winter Universiade of 2019 in Krasnoyarsk.

“Existing and hitherto existing system of control over the non-use of doping Russian didn’t work, and it’s our fault, need to say about this right and to admit it,” — said Putin and added that we must also heed to the requirements of WADA, “despite the failures in the work of the independent Commission.”

Putin also said that we must recognize that Russia has “reliably identified” cases of doping, but stressed that the state support system of doping in Russia “has never been, and hopefully never will be.”

Putin noted that “we claim that there on some samples showed some scratches — we don’t understand what kind of evidence, because when we have that test passed, no complaints were not”. According to him, such claims had to be marked in an “appropriate protocols”, but this was not done. “So they (the samples) was being stored somewhere, and we are not responsible for it storage”, — he stressed.

Putin also said that Russia will create a new system of fight against doping, which will be transferred from the system of the Ministry of sports and the government “in an independent organization — as in many countries of the world is done, — the site of the Moscow state University”. According to him, the independent anti-doping laboratory will be located on one of the grounds of Moscow state University. “Helping to equip with modern technology, equipment and personnel,” the President promised.

Report McLaren on the use and abuse of doping Russian athletes, was published in two parts — summer and winter of 2016. In the second part, presented by McLaren 9 December 2016, in particular, contains information about the “institutional conspiracy” of the authorities and the involvement of the former head of the Ministry of sport Vitaly Mutko and his former Deputy Yury Nagornykh to the manipulation of a doping sample Russians.

In the Ministry of sports of Russia the existence of the state program for support of doping denied and assured that the fight against doping by athletes in accordance with the requirements of UNESCO.

Mutko, commenting on the report, said that the Commission McLaren has accused Russia of actions that are “impossible in principle”.

As a result of this investigation, the national team of Russia in athletics, with the exception of the jumper in length Daria Kishineu in full force was forced to miss the Olympics in Rio. In addition, Russia was deprived of the right to host the world Cup bobsleigh and skeleton in 2017.

At the end of February 2017, the international Olympic Committee published an open letter in which he indicated that some international sports federations have any questions about the interpretation of certain provisions of the report.

“WADA acknowledged that in many cases there is not enough evidence to investigate the use of prohibited means to the end”, — was stated in the letter.

The world anti-doping Agency (WADA) stated that the absence of sufficient evidence of guilt of the Russian athletes used banned drugs in the report of the head of the independent Commission of Richard McLaren is associated with the destruction of the samples to the laboratory in Moscow.