RZD asked the FAS to compensate for RUB 56 billion in revenues

The Railways sent to the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) the letter with the offer to consider when forming the tariffs for the next years of lost income monopoly over the previous one. About this “Vedomosti” with reference to the text of the letter addressed to head FAS Igor Artemyev.

In a letter to Artemyev, the President of Russian Railways Oleg Belozerov said that by 2016, the income rate of the Railways for freight transport increased by 2.7%, while the tariff was indexed by 7.5%. As a result of loss in income of the Russian Railways amounted to 56 billion rubles, said in the letter. Belozerov seeks to recover these revenues. For this, he proposes determining the level of tariff indexation in subsequent years to account for these funds.

The corresponding letter was also read the newspaper “Kommersant”. The publication adds that the total amount of lost revenue of Russian Railways in 2016 91.7 billion. This figure was voiced at the meeting on 2 December last year Dmitry Medvedev, the newspaper said.

In the Railways the publication said that to 91.7 billion rubles is the total amount of lost revenue, with 56 billion loss in connection with the deviation of income growth rates due to the application of the tariff corridor. Why monopoly requires reimbursement only share of the losses in the Railways did not specify, says “Kommersant”.

In September 2016 Belozerov explained that the reason for the fall in revenue rate that “made the decision on the tax maneuver, and the high-yield and bulk cargoes — oil — from OAO RZD’s gone.” Then he added that the company gets the volume of low-yielding coal.

In his letter Belozerov asks FAS “to ensure the recovery of revenues of JSC Russian Railways”. At the same time, writes Belozerov, forgone income “may not be reimbursed simultaneously, and within a few years.”