“Sounds like the President”: what he was talking about trump in the first message to Congress

The city and the world

The evening of 28 February (morning of March 1 Moscow time) in Washington, the President of the United States Donald trump for the first time made an appeal to Congress.

The performance lasted about an hour. In his address, trump touched on a lot of domestic and foreign policy issues, the national budget, immigration, the fight against terrorism. However, as noted by The New York Times, a number of “hot topics” in the President’s address was not mentioned at all. Among them — relations with Russia, the DPRK’s nuclear programme, the conflict in Syria and the confrontation with the liberal media.

Critical to the President, the press was surprised by his calm tone. “Trump finally sounds like a President,” writes Time magazine. “Trump gives his radical promises more moderate tone,” reads the headline of The Washington Post. The President’s message to Congress was “noteworthy for its aprilkalloo,” writes Politico, adding that it was the most ordinary speech in his entire political career.

The US President delivers before Congress. Except the first after the inauguration, she called a speech on the state of Affairs in the Union (State of the Union). In the year of inauguration speech referred to simply appeal to the Congress, however, as noted by CNN political commentator Eric Bradner, the message of the General session of the Congress is “entirely speech about the state of the Union”.

“During his speech the President will give us their vision of the future of the country directly to the American citizens in the period, when implements its plans to overcome the many obstacles facing the country”, — announced press-service of the President. Unofficially, the message is entitled, “Renewal of the American spirit — the optimistic view for all Americans,” said CNN source in the US government.

A few hours before the speech, trump discussed his chances in the morning show of Fox News channel. He confirmed media reports that it is preparing to increase the defense budget by $54 billion or $84 billion — “another way we have”. In this interview, the President also spoke on the reform of social insurance and immigration policy as key points of his message.

Optimistic view

Because of the new President to the General session of the Congress is rather a policy speech, a Declaration of intent, it is not so much space has been given to detail further policy specific figures and steps. His speech trump began by condemning the desecration of Jewish cemeteries and attacks on Indian citizens in Kansas. “As a nation we may be divided by politics but we are United in condemning hatred and every evil,” he said.

Trump in the White house: the diary of the President of the United States

However, trump noted the need for large-scale immigration reform. After the presidential decree on the limitation of entry into the US of certain groups caused outrage in the country and abroad, he told Congress that still believes it necessary to cut low-skilled immigration, but at the same time proposes to introduce a system of reception of migrants “on the basis of merit.”

The President announced the creation of the Ministry of internal security office of victims of illegal migrants, called Voice. “We will give voice to those who ignore the media and plug some particularly interested individuals,” said trump. This is one of the few concrete actions announced in the message.

Speaking about foreign policy, trump said only that he intends to continue to maintain allied relations with Israel and threatened sanctions to those who are helping Iran develop its missile program. He also confirmed that the Pentagon is now developing a plan for full destruction of ISIS (not a terrorist group).

“Our diplomacy means direct and meaningful involvement in the world politics. Our leadership is based on the security interests which we share with our allies — said trump. But we expect from the partners that they will also take direct and meaningful participation in strategic and military operations, carrying your share of the costs”.

In matters of the economy, the President reiterated earlier suggestions: the need to increase spending on infrastructure, military and support veterans. Specific numbers, with the exception of the $1 trillion investment in infrastructure, he did not name.

Even before the President’s speech before Congress the conservative magazine National Review, which is usually favorably covers the activities of trump, criticized the projected budget for the year 2018. According to the newspaper, the fiscal policy of the new administration will be controversial and, as a consequence, unrealistic, and tax cuts, soaring spending on defense and infrastructure, the preservation of many social programs. “From what we know so far, the administration is not going to change the trajectory of the Federal budget, concludes National Review. But without a solution to major financial problems at the White house will never get close to balance.”

Rating Trump
As noted by CNBC, message to Congress, trump said, with “the lowest approval ratings among presidents-beginners in modern U.S. history”. According to the February poll by NBC/WSJ released this weekend, positively the activity of President’s estimate 44% of Americans, the negative — 48%.

At the same time 77% of respondents somehow believe that trump, as head of state would bring to the political course of the country change. Of these, 63% believe that changes will be in the right direction. Now States are moving in the wrong direction — so I think 51% of Americans (compared to 40% who believe the opposite). Overall, however, U.S. citizens are quite optimistic about the future of the country: 60% of respondents (vs. 56% in January) look ahead with hope, and only 40% (42% in January) — with anxiety.

53% of Americans think the media exaggerate the problem of the new administration, the fear of policy trump (45% disagree). 51% of respondents also believe that journalists are too critical coverage of the activities of trump (41% feel that it is fair, and 6% is not enough critical).

In addition, 43% of Americans believe that free trade agreements are for States more advantages (34% say more minuses). The majority — 79% believe that the social insurance system Obamacare needs to be somehow changed, but not cancelled. Acclaimed immigration Ordinance trump support 44% of Americans (45% oppose). A relative majority — 38% of Americans believe relationships trump with Vladimir Putin “too close”. More than half of Americans want Congress to continue investigating “Russian intervention in the American elections.”