The KLA rejected the idea to place a headquarters in Zhukovsky

The KLA rejected the idea to place a headquarters in Zhukovsky

A failed move

The leadership of United aircraft Corporation (UAC) will not move to a new headquarters built especially for this purpose in Zhukovsky near Moscow. Employees of the head office of UAC is about 9 thousand square meters owned by “Helicopters of Russia” business centre in Moscow (Bolshaya Pionerskaya, 1/17), told the representatives of three international consulting companies real estate. In their opinion, one of the reasons could be the reluctance of employees to commute to work in the suburbs.

For the first time that the headquarters of the KLA could move to Zhukovskiy, it was announced in 2008. Implementation of the project began in 2012, when the President of the Corporation was Mikhail Pogosyan (at the beginning of 2015, this post took Yuri Slusar).

According to the corporate magazine of the KLA, in the building with an area of 39.3 thousand sq m was supposed to accommodate jobs for 1.6 million people, as well as a fitness centre and 25-metre pool. To build the complex was planned by the end of 2014. However, according to two sources in the real estate market, the building is still undergoing finishing works.

Vladimir Putin during a meeting with employees of the United aircraft Corporation. 20 Feb 2008

Photo: Dmitry Astakhov / RIA Novosti

In a press-service of UAC confirmed that to have the head office in Zhukovsky is not planned. “Taking into account the optimization of the state management company, objectives of cost reduction, we expect Moscow to place the front office in more compact and multi-functional room”, — said the representative of the KLA.

In this case it is planned to use the building in Zhukovsky, a company representative could not answer. “A logical development of this site will focus there key engineering divisions of the Corporation”, — said the representative of the KLA.

We can talk about the specialists involved in the design of wide-bodied aircraft; this project should engage in a joint venture (JV) oak and the Chinese Corporation COMAC commercial aircraft. As reported TASS, the joint venture was approved by the Board of Directors of KLA in December 2016.

In addition, the building can accommodate a customer support center involved in the servicing of equipment, made by the representative of the KLA in an interview with .

A little savings

According to consultants, after moving to business centre at Pioneer oak will be able to save money on rent. The area of the current office of the Corporation in BC “Ulan” is 13.1 thousand sq. m. rental Rate is about 22 thousand rubles. for 1 sq. m per year including VAT and operating expenses, says the Director, research Department in CBRE, Olesya Dzyuba. The market rate of rent in the new office on the Big Pioneer street above — 29-30 thousand rubles. per 1 sq. m a year, but office space is approximately 20% smaller. Thus, the rental costs can be reduced with 261-270 288,2 million to million rubles. annually.

Found means

According to managing partner of S. A. Ricci Alexey Bogdanov, the office building of the KLA in Zhukovsky could cost 1.6 billion rubles (without finishing). Earlier Mikhail Pogosyan estimated the construction office and two factories in Zhukovsky (for debugging and testing of MS-21 aircraft and for modernization of Il-76) to 5 billion rubles. the Construction was carried out on the own funds of the KLA, were assured a top Manager. “It’s not state of the infusion, we are seeking funds, including through restructuring of its production areas, including in Moscow on Khodynka” — quoted Pogosyan edition of “Expert Online”.

The construction of the headquarters of the KLA in Zhukovsky

Photo: Nikolay Mitrofanov / Lori

The project was accompanied by a corruption scandal. In 2014, the verification of the General Prosecutor’s office revealed in the activities of the General contractor — JSC “Euro home building” — the signs of theft on 314 million rubles. “These funds in 2012-2013 were transferred to ZAO “Absolyutstroy”, the head of which is Poghosyan D. A. (David Amoebic, to establish his relationship with Mikhail Pogosyan failed. — ) for construction work performed by another organization” — quoted “Moskovsky Komsomolets” message of the Prosecutor General.

The long-awaited city

In question and the future residential complex, which the KLA was planning to build for their employees. “We are talking about creating a full-fledged city with a population of 64 thousand people”, — wrote the magazine “Horizons” in August 2015. The total area of the project was to reach 5 million sq m of housing was given 2 million sq. m. the project was brought Ulyanovsk Dars development company Development. She was supposed to start construction in 2015 to 2017 to pass the UAC first apartment.

Now on the Dars website Development says that the area of residential construction will amount to 520 thousand sqm, and the first phase of the project is scheduled for 2017-2018.

“The time moved a little in connection with the prolonged procedural approval of initial permits,” explained commercial Director at Dars Development Dmitry Sofronov. According to him, currently the project is in the preparatory stage — working with documentation, design of engineering networks. However, as assured Sofronov, the commissioning of the first houses is planned for 2017.

What is UAC

PJSC “United aircraft Corporation” (UAC) was established in 2006 and brings together Russian design bureaus and aircraft manufacturing plants, in particular of the RAC “MiG”, “Aviastar SP”, “Sukhoi Civil aircraft”, “Tupolev” and NPK “Irkut”. 91,09% of the shares of KLA owned by the government, of 5.17% — VEB, 3,73% — private shareholders. By the end of 2015, the revenue of the Corporation amounted to 352 billion rubles (19%), a net loss of 109 billion rubles, the Expected revenues of the KLA at the end of 2016 could reach 400 billion rubles. the Main customer of the products of the oak (47% of sales in 2015) is the Ministry of defense.