As a candidate for the post of U.S. Ambassador in Moscow is connected with Russia

For the post of U.S. Ambassador to Russia, the administration of President Donald trump is considering a politician and diplomat Jon Huntsman. On the evening of Wednesday, March 1, reported CNN, citing a source in the administration of Donald trump. According to officials, last week, a huntsman had already discussed the matter with the Secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, now “negotiations are in an active phase”. The Wall Street Journal, citing officials reported on February 27 that Huntsman also consider the position of Deputy Tillerson.

Now the post of Ambassador to Russia is John Tefft. Tefft for almost 30 years specializiruetsya the U.S. state Department in Eastern Europe: he previously worked in the Department for the USSR, later was Ambassador in Lithuania, Georgia and Ukraine. The huntsman is not a career diplomat, although at one time he was Ambassador in Singapore and then in China. In 2000-e years the huntsman was Governor of Utah.

Earlier contender for post of US Ambassador to Russia, the American mass-media named Thomas Graham, former adviser to U.S. President George Bush’s policy towards Russia. However, the Russian and American interlocutors who are familiar with the process of discussing the candidates pointed out that the change the American Ambassador is unlikely to be rapid.

Diplomat and politician

Jon huntsman Jr. was born in 1960 in the family of businessman Jon Huntsman Sr. Father policy was organized by the company Huntsman Corporation, which became one of the largest chemical corporations in the U.S. with annual revenue of $10.3 billion (in 2015). In addition, since the beginning of 1970-ies the huntsman, Sr. is actively cooperating with the Republican party of the United States: administration of Richard Nixon, he worked as an Advisor at the beginning of the Ministry of health, and then in the White house.

The huntsman, Jr., in the 1980s, he worked as an assistant in the government of Republican Ronald Reagan: first in the presidential administration, then in the Ministry of trade, where he specialized in the development of relations with countries in the Asia-Pacific region. In 1992, President George H. W. Bush appointed Huntsman, Jr., Ambassador to Singapore. According to the National governors Association, a 32-year-old huntsman became the youngest U.S. Ambassador in over 100 years.

After serving as Ambassador about a year, the huntsman returned to the States and continued working in his father’s firm. After the inauguration of Republican President George W. Bush in January 2001, the Washington Post reported that “a high probability” the appointment of Huntsman Ambassador to China. But then this post it was and became a Deputy trade representative of the President, but soon resigned and began to prepare for the gubernatorial elections in Utah. In 2004, with a score of 58% huntsman was elected Governor of Utah in 2008 re-elected with a score of almost 78%.

Hailing from California, the huntsman comes from a large Mormon family and Mormon Utah is the spiritual and historical centre. In addition, in the state capital, salt lake city home to the father of the Huntsman, there is the headquarters of the Huntsman Corporation.

The Manchurian candidate

The re-election of Huntsman coincided with the victory of Barack Obama in the presidential election in the United States. Despite the active participation of the Governor in the campaign of Republican opponent John McCain, Obama six months later asked him to become Ambassador to China. The official reason for the appointment was called a good knowledge of the Huntsman of the region in General and Chinese in particular.

According to the remark of Newsweek magazine, Obama impressed by energy of Huntsman and “the ability to work a crowd”, that’s why the President “stepped over the party line and chose the Governor of Utah man, representing the new agenda of the USA in Beijing”. The huntsman has been an Ambassador a little over one and a half years: in January 2011 he decided to come to grips with his own presidential campaign and after a few months resigned. But after the failure of the first two primaries in Iowa and new Hampshire in January 2012, he withdrew his candidacy, having supported MITT Romney.

After Obama’s re-election AP called Huntsman a potential successor to Hillary Clinton as Secretary of state. “While the huntsman and thought “unseat” Clinton, he is highly respected in the administration, and his appointment would enable the President to talk about the all-party diplomacy, and to appoint to high office a specialist on Asia at a time when Washington is paying a lot of attention to the most populated part of the world”, — said the Agency. However, the successor of Clinton was John Kerry, and the huntsman temporarily retired from politics expert in the field: since January 2014, he headed the analytical center Atlantic Council.

On his own words, huntsman is center-right and moderate conservative. In domestic policy he advocates for the legalization of gay marriage and illegal immigration, tax cuts, the fight against climate change. In foreign policy, he calls for dialogue with Beijing for the sake of deterrence of the DPRK, supported the policy of Israel in the middle East.

Occasionally publishing analytical articles on the website of the Atlantic Council, Huntsman covers mainly Asia Pacific and U.S.-China relations. However, the Institute advocates conservative positions and supports the Euro-Atlantic integration, and the centre’s experts often criticize about Russia’s foreign policy, including its actions against Ukraine.

Russia and chemistry

After a brief involvement in the family business in 1990-e years, the huntsman is completely devoted himself to politics. Heir to Huntsman Corporation is now his younger brother Peter, the CEO of the concern. However, Jon huntsman Sr. remains involved in the activities of the company.

The first acquisition of Huntsman Sr. became unprofitable plant oil Corporation Shell in polystyrene (granular polymer, used to make different plastic items, such as disposable tableware). After this chemical Empire Huntsman began to grow rapidly on the background of the crisis of the chemical industry in the 1980s, he successfully managed to buy a few plants at a low price. By the time of the IPO in 2005, Huntsman Corparation was already the largest private chemical company in the world.

With Russia and CIS business family Huntsman was associated after the tragedy of 1988 in Armenia (then the earthquake killed about 25 thousand people, and the town of Spitak was completely destroyed). Known in America as a generous philanthropist (the total amount of donations more than $1.2 billion), huntsman Sr. offered financial assistance to the government of the USSR and has invested about $50 million of its own funds in rebuilding schools and hospitals, construction of about 8 thousand houses. For contribution to the recovery of Armenia he was awarded two state awards of the Republic and received Armenian citizenship.

Even with the USSR authorities, the huntsman, Sr. agreed to build two plants for the production of polystyrene in Gyumri (Armenia) and Gorlovka (Ukraine, now under the control of the unrecognized DND). The latter was created as a Ukrainian-American joint venture with production cooperative “styrene”. Before the start in 2014 of the Ukrainian conflict “Stirol” was the largest producer of polymer materials and chemical fertilizers in the country and was part of the business Empire of Dmitry Firtash.

The Russian market Huntsman Corporation came out in 2007, registering a company the huntsman-NMG — the company has a plant in Obninsk (Kaluga region) and the branch network in several cities of Russia. According to SPARK, the revenue of the Russian subsidiary of the American Corporation in 2015 amounted to 1.52 billion RUB, net profit of 257 million rubles.

The Invention Huntsman

The success of the business of Jon Huntsman Sr. predetermined the invention of the container for carrying the eggs. In 1961, 24-year-old huntsman was a Manager at the Olson Brothers company is a large producer of chicken eggs in the Western United States, where he quickly attained the position of chief operating officer. A young Manager is not satisfied that the company incurs losses due to the fact that a large number of fragile goods you have to cancel because of the fight in the carriage, and he offered to create a container of plastic.

It is the production of plastic packaging has become the core business of Huntsman Corporation, which was organized by the businessman in 1971. Besides eggs, the huntsman, Sr. offered plastic containers for major manufacturers burgers: in 1974, his company invented the famous “clamshell” packaging for the burgers of McDonalds. In 1982, the businessman decided to expand his specialty business, adding to the manufacturing packing other areas of domestic and industrial petrochemicals.