As Russia continues to influence the work of the administration trump

As Russia continues to influence the work of the administration trump

Dangerous liaisons

Thursday, March 2, leaders of the Democratic party in Congress, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi called on attorney General Jeff and Roman sessions to resign due to the fact that he incorrectly informed the Congress about his contacts with Russian diplomats. On March 1, the Washington Post, citing sources in the Ministry of justice wrote that sessions last year, being one of the closest to Trump the participants of his campaign, twice contacted the Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergei Kislyak, although the hearings in the Senate under oath claimed that “did not communicate with the Russians.” The newspaper wrote that one of the meetings took place in September last year. At the time, sessions was the Senator, and took Kislyak in his office. As writes the edition, at the time of this meeting was “the height of the Russian hacking campaign” to influence the presidential campaign. Sessions was appointed on 9 February.

“I have no idea where these baseless accusations. This is not true,” said sessions the Associated Press. The representative of the Russian Embassy in the US said that the Embassy does not comment on “numerous contacts with local partners, which are carried out on a daily basis in accordance with diplomatic practice.”

Sergey Kislyak

Photo: Dmitry Azarov / Kommersant

Earlier in a similar situation that now sessions, was Advisor to trump on national security Michael Flynn. In early February, The Washington Post reported sources say that he secretly met with Kislyak 29 December, the date of approval of the ex-US President Barack Obama’s new sanctions against Russia. A few days after the publication of Flynn resigned.

Senator Alexei Pushkov has compared what is happening in the US with a repeat of the era of McCarthyism: “the Hysteria in the US has driven politicians into a trap. Met with the Russian? The end of a career. Hide it? To jail.” The reason is “Russophobic hysteria” that the various power centers are interested in maintaining the confrontation with Russia, wrote in Facebook a Republican politician Ron Paul.

Candidates on Russia

Despite the active development of the “Russian theme” in the administration trump still has not filled the vacancies of the curators of the Russian direction.

On March 2, Foreign Policy magazine, citing “employee of the White house” said that the trump was offered the position of presidential adviser on Russia the well-known publicist and political analyst Fiona hill. A day earlier, CNN reported, citing sources in the presidential administration that the post of US Ambassador to Russia considers the former Governor of Utah and former Ambassador to China John huntsman.

Now working as a researcher at the Brookings institution, hill in 2013 he published a critical biography of Vladimir Putin, which became a bestseller. The book is called hill of “Mr. Putin: operative in the Kremlin.” The book analyzes the different roles that Vladimir Putin allegedly sang on the way to becoming one of the most influential politicians: “mute”, “man of history”, “surviving the struggle”, “the outsider”, “a supporter of the free market” and “detective”.

As noted by Foreign Policy if the nominated hill will be nominated for approval in the Senate, it will receive the approval of both parties because “both Republicans and Democrats are expressing growing concern alleged links to the Kremlin administration”. Assistant to the Republican Senator, also on condition of anonymity, told the newspaper that the appointment of hill can be a White house attempt to make amends for the scandal surrounding former adviser to trump national security, Mike Flynn.

Fiona hill in recent months, rejected the possibility of a sharp warming of relations between Moscow and Washington. “I think it’s all over as usual: the Russians will be enchanted, full of expectations, but love will last five minutes as Russia and the United States is very difficult to be on the same side of the barricades,” she said in November in a conversation with The Atlantic.

In his book, hill examines Putin as a challenge to the Western world order, but it is high-class professional, primarily an analyst, not an ideologue, and like any analyst can adjust the position under the influence of new facts, said the Deputy Director of the Center for political conjuncture, Oleg Ignatov.

John huntsman, a specialist on East Asia, recently not directly spoken on the topic of Moscow’s actions — however, since January 2014 he is the Chairman of analytical center Atlantic Council, known for its conservative stance and criticism of Russia’s policy, including towards Ukraine.

“The appointment of Huntsman to the post of Ambassador to Moscow is a very likely scenario. He has a good track record, credibility in both parties, a good knowledge of the subject, — said the expert of the Russian Council on international Affairs Maxim Suchkov. — He also heads the Institute, Atlantic Council, which promotes the values and interests of the Euro-Atlantic community.” All this, according to Suchkov, very handy for the administration to trump in their work with Russia: “it is important for political reasons, because to find a good professional that would satisfy both Democrats and Republicans difficult.”

Now the post of Ambassador to Russia is John Tefft. Tefft for almost 30 years specializiruetsya the U.S. state Department in Eastern Europe: he previously worked in the Department for the USSR, later was Ambassador in Lithuania, Georgia and Ukraine. The huntsman is not a career diplomat, although at one time he was Ambassador in Singapore and then in China. In 2000-e years the huntsman was Governor of Utah.

Earlier contender for post of US Ambassador to Russia, the American mass-media named Thomas Graham, former adviser to U.S. President George Bush’s policy towards Russia. However, the Russian and American interlocutors who are familiar with the process of discussing the candidates pointed out that the change the American Ambassador is unlikely to be an emergency.

The huntsman and Russia

John huntsman was born in the family of businessman Jon Huntsman Sr., founder of Huntsman Corporation, one of the largest chemical corporations in the U.S. with annual revenue of $10.3 billion (in 2015).

With Russia and CIS business family Huntsman was associated after the tragedy of 1988 in Armenia (then the earthquake killed about 25 thousand people, and the town of Spitak was completely destroyed). Known in America as a generous philanthropist (the total amount of donations more than $1.2 billion), huntsman Sr. offered financial assistance to the government of the USSR and has invested about $50 million of its own funds in rebuilding schools and hospitals, construction of about 8 thousand houses.

The Russian market Huntsman Corporation came out in 2007, registering the company “huntsman-NMG” — the company has a plant in Obninsk (Kaluga region) and the branch network in several cities of Russia. According to SPARK, the revenue of the Russian subsidiary of the American Corporation in 2015 amounted to 1.52 billion RUB, net profit of 257 million rubles.

However, the huntsman, Jr., has fully devoted himself to politics. Heir to Huntsman Corporation is now his younger brother Peter, the CEO of the concern.