Bellingcat has published new data about the Gloomy and “shot down MH17 “beech”

International expert and journalist group Bellingcat, which deals with the search of data from open sources, represented the continuation from the February 15 report, “Who’s Gloomy: a retired major General, is associated with the fall of MH17”.

The document States that after the publication of the first part there was “clear confirmation” of the identity of the intelligence officer DNI Gloomy, which, as the authors of the report, “was a key organizer of transportation “Buka 332″ from Donetsk in the field South of the Snow” on July 17, 2014 in the afternoon, when he was hit by Boeing flight MH17, EN route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur.

As one of the main evidence that we are talking about Sergey N. Dubinsky in 1962, Bellingcat gives evidence of Russian actor Ivan Okhlobystin published in the website of RT 16 Feb.

“Sergey Dubinsky Callsign Gloomy — respected Russian military, honestly dedicated their lives to serving the Fatherland, even when the country is in a period of social disorder of the mid-90s used to charged him senseless and destructive tasks. He’s already retired, but he once again out of luck: in Ukraine there was a coup — and, as a soldier, he could not stand up for the Constitution and joined the militia Slavyansk, strelkov under the flag,” wrote then Okhlobystin.

In addition, after the publication of the report, according to Bellingcat, netizens found the posts Dubinsky on the forums where he allegedly wrote under the name “Bad”. In one of the posts, the researchers note, the author confirmed the date of birth matching the date of birth of Dubinsky, as well as confirmed the authenticity of his voice on the recording, published by the SBU. “To confirm the identity of Dubinsky, one of the members asked him what car he went in Slavyansk in 2014. Dubinsky answered July 12, 2015 that went on the black Peugeot 3008. Machine this model came in the video column with “Buck 332″ in Makeyevka on 17 July 2014. This does not mean that Dubinsky was in the car, but in all likelihood it was used by the intelligence DNI,” — said in the report.

The report then analyzes the content of several telephone conversations, published by the SBU and the international investigation team.

The authors of the report stated that after analysis of new evidence and published by the SBU and the international investigation team to intercept telephone conversations, the identity of the Dubinsky-Frowns “clearly established”, and that this person “was a key organizer of” transporting anti-aircraft missile launcher “Buk” on the territory of Donbass in the day when he was hit by Boeing.

After the publication of the first part of the report of Bi-bi-si contacted the person who is alleged Sergey Dubinskiy. Edition not able to positively confirm his identity, however, the source has categorically denied any involvement in the tragedy near Donetsk. He said that the investigation of the transportation “buck” is “an attempt to stretch an owl on the globe” and “a mixture of selected facts and lies”.

According to him, “these articles are nothing but Homeric laughter, can not cause”. According to the interlocutor of “bi-Bi-si”, the Bellingcat investigation is an attempt to divert the investigation away from the fact that “shots were fired from the Ukrainian “Buka”.

Boeing 777 Malaysia Airlines crashed to the ground in the Donbass, on 17 July 2014. Aboard flight MH17 was carrying 298 people, most of whom were citizens of the Netherlands, they all died. In September 2016, the international investigation team announced the first results of the investigation, which showed that the plane was shot down by a Buk missile system and it was delivered on the territory of the DNI from Russia.

The Russian side has repeatedly refuted the findings of the investigation. In September 2016, the Russian defense Ministry has provided data to the radar complex “Utes-T”, located in the Rostov region. According to the report, he has not recorded the launch of the rocket “earth — air” on the territory controlled by the self-proclaimed republics.

Bellingcat — international expert and journalist group founded on 15 July 2014, the British journalist Eliot Higgins. The team’s task is to unite citizen journalists to investigate current events. Now the main project Bellingcat — investigation of the circumstances of the crash Malaysian Boeing. The command also oversees a military campaign in Syria, including the actions of Russian soldiers. In their reports, the Bellingcat based on open sources: videos and photos posted in social networks, satellite imagery. Bellingcat exists on private donations collected through the crowdfunding service Kickstarter. The team consists of more than two dozen people and a large number of volunteers who help the project free of charge.

The accuracy of the information Bellingcat sometimes questioned by foreign media. In June, the German magazine Spiegel interviewed an expert on the analysis of forensic photography Jens Krause. The occasion was the investigation Bellingcat, which, according to the group, it has been proven the manipulation of the Russian Ministry of defense photos of the downed plane MH17. Krause said that the method applied Bellingcat, from the point of view of the examination does not stand up to scrutiny. “At its core, it relies on the so-called ELA-analysis. This method is unscientific and subjective. Accordingly, there is no scientific articles devoted to this method”, — he said (quoted by “the new York”). Chief editor of Spiegel Online Florian harms in June, has apologized to readers for the fact that the editors on the basis of information from Bellingcat gave an affirmative headers that Russia manipulated images. According to Kharms, to study Bellingcat should be given in the subjunctive mood, as the approval of the researchers were not properly checked by the editorial Board.