Democrats called for the resignation of attorney General because of “contacts” with Moscow

The leader of the Democrats in the U.S. Senate Chuck Schumer called on U.S. attorney General Jeff and Roman sessions to resign amid allegations about his alleged contacts with the Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergei Kislyak during the election campaign, the Associated Press reports.

Schumer also said about the necessity to investigate these contacts, which should hold a special Prosecutor.

Resignation and Roman sessions and demanded the leader of the Democrats in the House partners of the us Congress Nancy Pelosi. She accused and Roman sessions that he “lied under oath” and called on him to resign.

Meanwhile, several Republicans in Congress called and Roman sessions to recuse himself from participation in the investigation into his alleged contacts with Moscow, which allegedly took place before the election, according to Reuters.

Contacts Kislyak and Roman sessions during predvybornoi campaign told The Washington Post, citing sources in the U.S. justice Department. According to the newspaper, sessions, as a Senator from Alabama, met twice with the Ambassador of Russia in July and September 2016. The publication stresses that the sessions have concealed this information from senators.

On the eve of the sessions himself, commenting on the publication, stated that it was not met with anybody from the Russian officials. the same information he later confirmed in an interview with NBC News. “I’ve never met any of the Russian officials to discuss any political campaign,” he said, calling such accusations false.

Answering the question about the possible recusal from participation in the investigation ,if it is, sessions said, “If need be, I recuse myself. Without a doubt.”