“Kommersant” called the possible cause of the recall of the Ambassador of Moldova in Russia

The Ambassador of Moldova in Russia Dmitry Braghis was withdrawn from his post for a number of reasons, among them confrontation with the country’s President, Igor Dodon, which supports the establishment of relations with Russia. About it reports “Kommersant” with reference to the interlocutors in Chisinau.

He Braghis declined to comment to the newspaper, saying they are premature. However, he noted that the action of the foreign Ministry of Moldova was a surprise for him. One of the current Moldovan diplomats told “Kommersant” that the Braghis “has long been in the list for review” because “in Moscow, he was too fond of business interests.” He refused to explain what was going on.

A senior source in the administration of the Moldovan President, in turn, said that over the last week between Dodon and the Prime Minister Pavel Filip held several “very tough conversations” on the appointment of Moldovan ambassadors. Philip sent the President a list of nine candidates for the post of heads of diplomatic missions.

In the list, according to the newspaper, were applicants for the positions of ambassadors to the United States, China, Austria, France, the UK and the permanent representative of Moldova to the United Nations. Candidates for the post of Ambassador of Moldova in great Britain and Belarus were rejected by Dodon, he spoke out against the candidacy for the post of Ambassador to Austria.

“The Prime Minister was told that even if those proposed by the government, will receive agrements, Dodon will be against those who will not protect the interests of the country”, — said the source publication.

President of the Institute of strategic initiatives former Ambassador of Moldova in Austria, Andrei Popov also believes that Recalling the Ambassador is the result of political intrigue. According to him, the work Braghis had no complaints. Popov also said that, according to him, Bagisu not even called objective reasons for his opinion.

The source also did not rule out that in this action the government is trying to bring the President to make a deal “Will be our ambassadors — will be yours.” The confrontation caused by the fact that the socialist leader is counting on a rapprochement with Russia, while the government calls itself proevropeyski. In early February, the President of Moldova said that the country is “vital” to restore relations with Russia, the Association agreement with the European Union may be terminated.

About the recall of Ambassador to Russia, said Deputy head of the Moldovan Ministry of foreign Affairs of Daniel Morar at the government meeting on March 1. She did not comment on the decision.

Deputy foreign Minister Grigory Karasin said that the opinion of Bargie was a surprise for Russia. He was advised to seek review in Kishinev.

Dmitry Braghis was the Ambassador of Moldova in Moscow from October 2015. From 1999 to 2001 he was Prime Minister of Moldova.