The Duma in the “shortest possible time” legalize the removal of Khrushchev in Moscow

On Thursday, 2 March, Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin has met in the state Duma the Chairman of the lower chamber Vyacheslav Volodin, to discuss the drafting of amendments to Federal legislation to implement the program on demolition of the capital’s “Khrushchev”. Appropriate amendments need to prepare in the “shortest possible time”, said the press service of the state Duma after the meeting.

The September issue of amendments to the laws in the framework of the programme for the demolition of “Khrushchev” should already be settled, said one of the participants of the meeting. According to him, in this case, in autumn it was possible to start implementation of the program.

For the preparation of the amendment will create a working group of representatives of all Duma factions, said the head of the Duma Committee on construction and transport Evgeny Moskvichev. The changes, he said, will make the deputies of the Duma representing Moscow. Changes will be made to several laws and codes — Housing, Urban development, “and in the law on the status of Moscow,” said Moskvichev.

Representatives of authorities of the capital will speak at a future meeting of the Duma Council with the presentation of the concept of a restoration programme, told participants.

In mid-February at the meeting of Moscow mayor Sergey Sobyanin and Russian President Vladimir Putin announced plans to launch a new program to demolish five-story building. She needs to raise 8 thousand houses with total area of 25 million square meters, which are home to 1.6 million people.

According to estimates of informed experts, the cost of demolition, this volume of housing will cost from 30 billion to 166 billion rubles. the resettlement program will cost 2,5–3 trillion rubles.

Sobyanin has promised to prevent the resettlement of residents of “settlements”. In order to accommodate all the inhabitants of the five-story building, will need to adopt a new law, said the Minister of construction and housing of Russia Mikhail Men at the international investment forum in Sochi. According to the Minister, amendments to the law “On the status of the capital of the Russian Federation” will be submitted to the Duma in the spring session of 2017.

In 1999, the municipality has adopted a resolution on the demolition of five-story five episodes of the first series of industrial housing construction. The program included 1722 house with a total area of 6.3 million sqm At the moment to be demolished 71 building, it is planned until 2018. Until recently the capital’s authorities have repeatedly claimed to make a new program for the demolition of Khrushchev practically impossible: it would require huge funds, the city has no launch pads for the construction of new houses for the residents, the residents often don’t want to move from old apartments. However, at the meeting with Putin, Sobyanin said that the city has a sustainable budget for the demolition of dilapidated housing.