The media learned about the plans of the trump to expand the powers of the Pentagon to fight ISIS

The white house may provide the Department of defense more authority to speed up the fight against the militants “Islamic state” (declared a terrorist organization and banned), according to The Daily Beast, citing several American officials.

The US President Donald trump has hinted that he wants to give the Minister of defence James Matisse authorities for conducting operations under conditions of limited time. In this case, he will be able to commence operations without the consent of the White house. As writes the edition, this completes a long process that began under former President Barack Obama, when on the harmonisation of certain missions would have taken hours or days.

Washington in recognized combat zones, the US military commanders have such authority, specifies the edition. However, for operations in an “uncontrolled and unstable regions”, say, in Yemen, Libya and Somalia must be approved by the Oval office even during the strikes by drones and coordination of actions of special forces.

The Daily Beast notes that consent, the Pentagon, may lead to casualties among the Americans. Military officials in an interview with the publication said that Obama was more prudent and cautious.

Press Secretary of the national security Council was not immediately able to comment on this information.

Monday, February 27, the Pentagon has sent the White house its proposals for strengthening the fight against ISIL. The administration of the President presented the actions of military, diplomatic and financial nature.

In mid-February, CNN, citing a source in the defense Ministry said that among the options — to send to Syria the land of American troops. Thus the interlocutor of TV channel emphasized that the decision would make Donald trump.