The media learned about the review in USA the possibility of using force against North Korea

The white house is considering new options strategy of Washington against North Korea, including options with the use of military force or regime change in this country. About it writes The Wall Street Journal, citing its sources.

According to the publication, about two weeks ago, Deputy adviser to the President for national security Kathleen Mcfarland held a meeting with employees of various governmental services and asked them to submit their proposals and ideas on possible U.S. actions against North Korea. Objective Mcfarland was “vsestoronnee rethinking” of U.S. policy toward North Korea, writes the WSJ, so in the White house even willing to consider options that are “far from the political mainstream”, starting from the recognition of North Korea as a nuclear power to military action against Pyongyang. Their proposals to the Deputy national security adviser administration officials presented Tuesday, February 28.

The sources said that the military strategy against North Korea was also discussed during the recent talks the new U.S. administration, with its old allies in South-East Asia — Japan and South Korea. For example, writes the WSJ, during talks with Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, who visited the United States a two-day visit, U.S. officials have mentioned several times that “all options are considered” action against North Korea.

The greatest concern of Washington and its allies in the Pacific region calls Pyongyang’s Declaration that he is ready to test its first Intercontinental ballistic missile, the WSJ notes. Earlier, citing its sources in the White house, CNN also reported that according to trump it was the Pyongyang poses “the greatest immediate threat” to Washington.

That North Korea has created two Intercontinental ballistic missiles and may soon begin their run in late January, reported South Korean Agency Yonhap, citing military officials. In addition, the “final stage” of developing such missiles in his new year address to the people of the DPRK said the country’s leader Kim Jong-UN. On the morning of 12 February, Pyongyang conducted a launch of a ballistic missile, which flew about 500 km and fell into the sea of Japan.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called North Korea conducted a missile test “absolutely unacceptable” and the President of the United States Donald trump supported it and promised to give “very strong response” at the next rocket launch.

However, that Pyongyang and Washington are negotiating a meeting in the USA of high-ranking representatives of North Korea and former us officials announced in late February, citing its own sources, the newspaper the Washington Post. Launch of a ballistic missile on 12 February has complicated its preparation, however, in an interview with Reuters a few days later Donald trump did not rule out that he may meet with Kim Jong-UN, “under certain circumstances”.