The media learned about the role of Ivanka in the preparation of speech trump the U.S. Congress

The daughter of the President of the United States Ivanka trump helped Donald Trump to develop his speech before Congress “moderate and peaceful tone,” according to Reuters, citing sources in the White house.

Donald trump gave the keynote address to the U.S. Congress February 28. The American newspaper The Washington Post and The New York Times called his speech a “moderate” and “conciliatory” — the President confirmed the intention to maintain diplomatic alliances and to allocate funds for infrastructure and has announced a softening of immigration policy.

“The tone of speech trump was far from the somber intonations of his inaugural address,” notes Reuters. In discussing the key provisions of the speech was attended by many councillors, and the final edits were made in a speech the day before during a meeting of the President of trump with his adviser on strategy Stephen Bannon, chief of staff of the White house by Pribram Raines and chief speechwriter Stephen Miller. However, interlocutors Reuters the White house insist that Ivanka trump was influenced by his father and helped him to finally make the decision of “new approach” to his address to Congress in order to weaken a common concern about how does the temperament of Donald trump for him to govern effectively.

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In addition, it is Ivanka persuaded her father to speak in support of paid family leave — an offer which she has supported for a very long time, and which can find support among Democrats in Congress, according to sources to Reuters.

According to the newspaper, it is just preparation for speech and writing speech took about 10 days.

The US President delivers before Congress speech. Except the first after the inauguration, she called a speech on the state of Affairs in the Union (State of the Union). In the year of inauguration speech referred to simply appeal to the Congress. During his speech the President presents lawmakers and the American people his vision for the future of the country.