The Supreme court described the reason for the low number of acquittals

Deputy Chairman of the Supreme court of Russia Vladimir Davidov has declared that the low percentage of acquittals in Russia due to the fact that 90% of defendants plead guilty. About Davydov said on March 2 during the opening of scientific – practical conferences, transfers “Interfax”.

“Some publications publish their ideas about acquittals, they should be 18-20%. They at all desire can not be as high 10%,” — said Davydov. According to him, those who criticize the model of the current procedure does not take into account that “of the 100 defendants in the cases 90 plead guilty”.

“I don’t know whether this is good or bad, but it’s a fact,” said Davydov, and added that 65 per cent of the cases are in a specific order.

Earlier official representative of the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) Vladimir Markin said that the low percentage of acquittals in Russia due to the work of the preliminary investigation and the work of disinterested public defenders during the trial. “Americans as such there is no investigation. There is a small period of inquiry, and all investigation is already in court. There are revealed facts as “for” and “against”. So often imposed verdict”, — said Markin.

In 2016, the Institute of law enforcement and the Committee for civic initiatives published a report on the results of the study on the diagnosis of the judicial system in criminal proceedings, where he described the problem of “accusatory” in criminal proceedings. According to the report, in criminal matters, which conducted the preliminary investigation and which are dealt with by the court with participation of the Prosecutor, the acquitted percentage does not exceed 0.3%. The share of justified cases in public prosecution is 0.2%. In the case of trial by jury this rises to 13%.

The report’s authors noted that these data do not mean that all others are condemned or going to jail. “A significant portion of cases terminated on non-rehabilitating grounds or ends with a conviction to a punishment not connected with deprivation of liberty,” the report said.

The experts note that “the chances of effective judicial protection and rehabilitation of the accused in court is virtually zero. The average judge, in criminal cases, shall seven years, about 500 convictions and only one acquittal”.

Supreme court Chairman Vyacheslav Lebedev announced on 28 February at the annual meeting of presidents of courts, in 2016, the courts have exempted from criminal liability 23% of all accused. Summing up the work of the courts over the past year, Lebedev said that in total, Russian courts have considered 960 thousand criminal cases in relation to one million people. According to him, with 765 thousand people were convicted, and acquittals were handed down for 3.5 thousand people.

Another 230 thousand people were exempted from criminal liability on different grounds.