U.S. attorney General responded to the accusations in concealment of contacts with Moscow

U.S. attorney General Jeff sessions has stated that it is not met with anybody from the Russian officials to discuss issues regarding the presidential campaign, the Associated Press reports.

“I have no idea where these baseless accusations. It’s not true”, — quotes Agency the statement and Roman sessions.

Earlier, The Washington Post, citing sources in the U.S. justice Department reported that last year, during the election campaign sessions twice met with the Russian Ambassador to the United States Sergei Kislyak. According to the newspaper, sessions, as a Senator from Alabama, met with Kislyak in July and September 2016, which U.S. intelligence agencies believe the “midst of a Russian hacking campaign” that aimed to influence the race.

As the newspaper notes, during the hearings in the Senate before his appointment to the post of Prosecutor General sessions hid the fact of meeting with Kislyak, saying that he had no contacts with representatives of Russia.

The Russian Embassy in Washington has declared “to Interfax” that “does not comment on the numerous contacts with local partners, which are carried out on a daily basis in accordance with diplomatic practice.”

Sessions were approved for the position of US attorney General on 9 February. His predecessor Sally Yates was removed from office after he refused to comply with the immigration decree of the President of the United States Donald trump. Sessions was the first of the existing senators who supported the presidential ambitions trump.