Banker Pugachev asked the Hague court to call witnesses Medvedev and Kudrin

The former head of Mezhprombank Sergei Pugachev has asked an international arbitration Tribunal in the Hague to call as witnesses in his case the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, the former Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin, the head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin, the former Minister of economy Alexei Ulyukayev and a number of other senior Russian officials. He stated in his interview to “Radio Liberty”.

According to him, the witness list is preliminary and will be expanded. “It includes Dmitry Medvedev, Sechin, Kudrin, Ignatyev, Kozhin, Kozak, Ulyukayev, who is now under house arrest, which was carried out Putin’s instructions, which led to the fact that I have not paid a penny,” said Pugachev.

Furthermore, the Pugachev claims that the campaign against him was organized personally by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is also the “main beneficiary” of the persecution of the ex-banker. According to him, Putin personally made him “an offer that cannot be refused” — to sell the assets and leave Russia. “Though after that, the decisions and the negotiations involved almost polpravitelstva, Putin still were in charge. And the decision not to pay was made, of course, is Putin, and not some clerk or Sechin,” said Pugachev.

He also claims that “the proposal to leave” was recorded including on paper, “with his personal signature”, after which relevant instructions were issued by the Prosecutor’s office, the FSB and the TFR.

On the eve of the Prosecutor General of Russia sent France a request for the extradition of the former banker Sergey Pugacheva, which in Russia is accused of fraud in especially large size. In an interview with Pugachev called the request for extradition is “absurd history.” According to him, France of its citizens extradition does not put “in any state”.

In October 2010, led by Pugachev of Mezhprombank revoked license. The Central Bank said that the Bank led the risky policy and provided false statements. After a month of Mezhprombank was declared bankrupt. Soon Pugacheva has deprived the status of a Senator with the words “for careless performance of his duties”, after which he left Russia and settled in nice. In 2013, against Pugachev were prosecuted for misappropriation and embezzlement in especially large size. According to investigators, in 2008-2009 organized group that included Pugachev, Chairman of the Executive Directorate of Mezhprombank Alexander Didenko and General Director of JSC “OPK development” Dmitry Amunts, stole more than 28 billion rubles, which the Bank of Russia to Mezhprombank identified as unsecured loans.

In 2015, the TFR filed against Pugachev one more thing — about the abuse of authority in the results of Mezhprombank non-performing loans is 64 billion rubles. as a result, the amount of claims to hypnotherapy for all claims amounted to about 100 billion rubles.

A former banker denies all charges, and in September 2015, has filed a lawsuit against Russia at $12 billion at the Permanent court of arbitration in the Hague. According to the applicant, in such sum it is possible to evaluate the investments made by Pugachev, interest on loans, lost profits and compensation for damages. The first meeting of the international arbitration court to be held until the summer of 2017.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov declined to comment on the request for extradition Joe, and said that questions about the criminal liability of Pugachev “irrelevant” to the Kremlin have not. According to him, the relevant procedures do law enforcement agencies and the Kremlin to be the recipient of such a question can not.