In the United States have talked about four incidents with the planes of NATO and Russia of the day

According to the commander of the air forces of the USA in Europe and Africa General Todd Walters, four incidents of dangerous rapprochement of planes of NATO and Russia, happened in one day, February 10.

As reported by the publication Defense News, the General said at a Symposium hosted by the Association of the U.S. air force in Florida.

According to Walters, three incidents were associated with su-24 aircraft, one Maritime reconnaissance Il-38.

The General said that after February 10 of such incidents was not the situation with unauthorized scans of planes in the air, in his words, “stabilized”. Walters said that the American military is trying to contact Russian colleagues in the event of misunderstandings.

“Sometimes we don’t get the wrong answer, which would, sometimes we do not get a response,” said Walters.

Referring to the incidents involving Russian aircraft su-24 and Il-38, which occurred on 10 February, previously told the representative of the European command of the United States Danny Hernandez. He mentioned three cases, however, according to his story, all of them concerned the flight of Russian aircraft near the Porter destroyer in the Black sea, not responding to their requests.

According to Hernandez, the destroyer Porter in all three cases, sent requests to the Russian aircraft, but received no answers. “Such incidents are of concern because they can lead to an accident or mistake”, — he explained.

According to the Americans, the su-24 flew at an altitude of about 90 m near the destroyer at high speed, the distance to the ship was about 200 m. the Il-38, he said, also flew in the area of the ship at high speed, and the “unusually low altitude”.

Official Moscow has denied the allegations, a representative of the Ministry of defense of Russia Igor Konashenkov said that the incidents with Russian planes were not. “No incidents February 10, associated with the flight of Russian military aircraft in the Black sea near the USS Porter, was not” — said Konashenkov said that “all flights of our aircraft have been and are made over neutral waters of the Black sea in accordance with international regulations and security requirements.”