The Federation Council proposed to abolish absentee and expand the admission of observers

In the state Duma on Friday, March 3, the package of amendments aimed at liberalising the electoral legislation ahead of the presidential elections. The authors of the initiative — the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation and state construction Andrey Klishas and a member of the Senate Committee on the Federal structure Anatoly Shirokov.

Changes to several laws, follows from amendments. In particular, you want to cancel an absentee ballot. The authors believe that will fix the “presumption of trust to the voters.” “This will provide them the opportunity to vote at their place of stay, location. This measure is aimed at execution of decisions of constitutional Court concerning the subsidiary mechanisms of the elections”, — the document says.

The authors intend and “disaggregated” the polls: the bill provides an exception to the five-year deadline for the formation of polling stations by reducing the maximum number of voters at the polling station to 1.5 thousand

The bill eliminates the mandatory direction of the observer only one polling station in the presidential election, the reference provided by the Senator. According to the authors of the initiative, it would “significantly increase the number of observers,” since a large number of polling stations “can cause difficulties for candidates to send observers to the election commissions on the territory of Russia”.

Resonant law on the so-called serfdom for observers — no more than two observers from the party or the candidate, pre-assigned to specific sectors, entered into force in February last year.