Wishing to sell from carts on wheels paid Moscow 340 million rubles.

The capital budget was 341,5 million rubles according to the results of 50 auctions were played out right to trade with seasonal carts on wheels, estimated on the basis of the tender documentation. From may to October, they can sell ice cream in the cold season — hot drinks and cakes. Contracts will be concluded for five years.

For example, a point on the Arbat was played at the starting price – 10.6 thousand rubles per month. The total cost was $ 344,7 thousand RUB over the Right to trade with the truck on Vozdvizhenka was estimated at 78.8 thousand rubles, follows from the Protocol. Now up for auction another 24 truck at a starting price of 6 to 8 thousand rubles. per month. The truck will not be mobile — played right to trade at a particular point.

Moscow also auctioned the right to trade in the Church shops. The kiosks will be included in the scheme of placing of non-stationary objects and will be executed in typical style, it follows from the tender documentation. The area of the outlets will be 6 sq. m, height — more than 2 m, the hull will be dark blue. The kiosks will not be able to place any signage and advertising. While announced two auctions at the outlets in the Danilovsky district of New Moscow. The starting price is 9,9 thousand and RUB 6 thousand. Contracts will be concluded for five years. Existing in their place of the old monastic stalls with cakes and religious items must be removed.

The head of the Department of trade and services Alexei nemeryuk said that Church goods are sold further together with print materials, because the kiosks are located near the temples. While in the auction documentation, the print is not mentioned, specialization is listed as “Church shop”. According to ameruca, “nobody forbids churches to trade on its territory.”

In addition, Moscow can appear dozens of large non-stationary pavilions of the new format with an area from 50 sq. m. Pilot facility was installed at the end of last year in North County. “The results of the experiment will be announced by mid-year. Best seen about 20 locations for these pavilions,” said ameryk. Besides trucks and large pavilions and other new formats of non-stationary trade in 2017 is not planned, says Ameryk. Head of the Department to attract and support investment tender Committee Vasily Kalinkin said last year it was played about 1,000 non-stationary objects, the same rate can be maintained this year.

The new rules of non-stationary trade introduced in Moscow in 2015. City officials began to purchase and install kiosks and win the right to trade in them at auctions. All new points should be of standard design and to enter into the scheme of placing of non-stationary objects. The first 127 stalls of the new sample have appeared in CAO experiment. In non-stationary objects sold flowers, bread, milk, meat, vegetables.