TFR opened a criminal case against the head of Tatfondbank

Investigation Department in the Republic of Tatarstan opened a criminal case against the Chairman of the Board of Tatfondbank Robert Musin. This is stated in the message of the Republican Department of the TFR. Musin is suspected of fraud in especially large size.

The consequence considers that in August 2016 staff Tatfondbank with the purpose of obtaining credit and the subsequent theft of funds provided to the Bank fictitious information about the availability of highly liquid assets, the secured credit agreements with other joint-stock companies. “Subsequently received credit funds in the amount of more than 3 billion rubles were transferred to settlement accounts of affiliated organizations of Tatfondbank”, — stated in the message.

The Prosecutor’s office of Tatarstan “in the presence of grounds provided by law” will support a petition for the arrest of the head of Tatfondbank Robert Musin, said senior assistant to the public Prosecutor on interaction with mass media of Ruslan Galiev.

As stated by the assistant head of the investigative Department for Tatarstan Elvira Gazizova, Musin taken to court, where in the coming hours will be considered a request for his arrest.
According to Gassaway, the investigation supported the prosecution requests that the Soviet district court of Kazan about arrest Mussina. Previously Chairman of the Board was questioned by investigators.
Gazizova added that if the measure of restraint is elected, the arrest, then that night he will spend in jail.

The Central Bank deprived of licenses from three banks in Tatarstan

On Friday, March 3, the Central Bank revoked the license of Tatfondbank to conduct banking activities. Explaining the reasons for the revocation of the license, the regulator said that with the poor quality of Bank assets are inadequately assessed risks. Proper credit risk evaluation and objective reflection of the value of assets in the financial statements of the Bank led to a complete loss of their capital. The management and owners of Bank didn’t take effective measures to normalize its work, noted the Central Bank.

Liquidity problems Tatfondbank has experienced in 2014. From the 15th of December last year, the Bank introduced a temporary administration, which was entrusted to the Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV). Since March 3, after the revocation of the license, the Bank introduced a new interim administration.

This week, the press service of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Republic of Tatarstan announced the arrest of Deputy Chairman of Tatfondbank Sergei Mashanova. He was declared the Federal wanted list on February 18 in the investigation of criminal case on the activities of OOO IK TFB Finance”.

Investigators believe that officials of Tatfondbank in 2016 fraudulently transferred funds of investors in trust management “TFB Finance”. As of the end of February about their claims, said about 300 investors of Tatfondbank, the amount of damage is more than 300 million rubles of fraud became known in late December 2016 after the introduction of temporary administration in the Bank.

In the investigation of cases of fraud were also arrested the Director of “TFB Finance” Timur Valsin, his subordinates Rustam Timerbaev and Ilnar of Abdulmanov also Deputy Chairman of Tatfondbank Vadim Merzlyakov.

With the participation of Elena Smirnova