The NYT found out about the “secret cyber war” against the missile programs of the DPRK

Ex-US President Barack Obama three years ago, being on a post of the head of state, ordered the Pentagon to step up its cyber attacks on the missile program of North Korea to disrupt a test launch by Pyongyang of ballistic missiles in the first seconds of flight. About this newspaper The New York Times.

As writes the edition, shortly after this order a large quantity of running, the DPRK missiles began to explode, veer off to disintegrate in the air or fall into the sea.

However, three successful test launch of the DPRK’s medium-range missiles over the past eight months suggests that the U.S. is still not able to effectively counter North Korean missile program, the newspaper notes, talked to officials from the administrations of Barack Obama and Donald trump.

According to the newspaper, Obama, leave the President, trump warned that the DPRK will likely be one of the most serious problems that will face his administration.