UN accuses North Korea in large supplies of weapons to Africa to bypass the sanctions

Peacekeepers of the United Nations (UN) found in Africa North Korean arms, which is under restrictive measures the international organization. This follows from an internal UN report seen by the Associated Press.

As found by the group of UN experts on North Korea, in August 2016, about 30 thousand grenade found hidden under iron ore, which was on a cargo ship bound for the Suez canal in Egypt. Where it was supposed to be delivered, the experts are not established, but stressed that it was “the largest seizure of ammunition in the history of sanctions” against North Korea.

The month before, according to the report, the state member of the United Nations captured the air transport of the devices for military use for radio communication intended for a company in Eritrea. This is the second time when the organization detects the facts of military exports from North Korea to Eritrea, “what explains the continuing cooperation of the arms between the two countries.”

Also, the organization found the North Korean soldiers in Angola and Uganda.

Annual report prepared by the group of UN experts on North Korea, which was available to the Agency shows that Pyongyang refuses imposed on its nuclear and missile programs, sanctions, engaged in training its troops and supplied weapons.

According to the expert on North Korea at the Institute for international Economics Petersen Mark Nolan, North Korea “uses African countries as a strategy of circumvention”. He explained that North Korea builds its military presence in Africa and interested to trade there in order to reduce their dependence on China.

Against North Korea the sanctions as international organizations and unions such as the UN and the EU and individual countries, including USA and Russia. Restrictive measures were introduced because of the numerous nuclear and missile tests conducted by Pyongyang. The sanctions themselves affect the economic, financial, military, diplomatic and political spheres.