Politico learned about the new decree trump the ban on entry to USA

According to the publication Politico, March 6, trump intends to sign a new law restricting entry to the United States. The White house announced the appearance of the document in mid-February, but postponed his leaving for a speech in Congress.

The edition, referring to high-ranking officials in the administration in Washington claims that the main strategist of the White house Stephen Bannon discussed the new document with representatives of the Ministry of justice and Ministry of internal security. Part of DHS employees Monday the order on Monday to work from home.

Sources Politico could not tell how the new presidential decree will be different from the January document, whose action was blocked by Federal judges. The AP had previously stated that from a list of countries, which residents are denied entry to USA will be excluded Iraq.

By trump in mid-February announced the emergence of the new decree, however, its signing was postponed due to the President’s speech before both houses of Congress last Wednesday.

In the original version of the decree, which is opposed by many congressmen and public figures included a ban on entering the United States for refugees from Syria, as well as citizens from several countries of the Middle East. Trump explained his decision to sign the document to “bad people with bad intentions” were not included in the United States.

The decree was blocked by Federal judges, and the appeal of the Ministry of justice was rejected. The white house has promised to appeal against the suspension of the decree in the highest court.